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Merry Christmas: 23rd December 2010

Hi Buster Fans,
Well, what a year itís been, huh? Sure the last couple of months have fallen eerily silent, but during the height of summer Busterís 50th Birthday was in full swing.

I hope you enjoyed all of the Buster stars interviews as much as I did. My main aim setting out on this journey was to ensure there was something special about Busterís big birthday, and I truly think we achieved that. My thanks go to Lew, Trevor, Mark, Allen, Gordon and Scott as well as Chris Clark for sharing their stories with the site, as well as Paul from our former sister site for sharing the JEO interview with us.

We also saw a massive jump in the content for the Page by Page this year, well over half the issues released, and Iím intending to extend this during 2011 into the Annuals and specials as best I can.

Believe it or not, 2011 is our 7th year online, and I couldnít do that without the support of the Buster staff, and the readers. Our foray into Facebook has been well received, and itís great to be able to keep you in touch with whatís happening on the site, without relying on you remembering to come back after a long period of inactivity. If youíre not a member already, you can join our Facebook site!/group.php?gid=266974435724&v=wall" target = "_blank">here

Once again, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and the safest of New Years. If youíre snowed in for the festive period, I hope youíre able to keep warm. With any luck, Iíll get snowed in on my supposed return to work and I can get back to the website and the to do list of things to add.

Thanks again for your continued support.

Webmaster Ė

Update: 7th November 2010

Some treats for you this weekend to reward your patience. Firstly, four new additions to the Page by Page. The first issue of Buster & Cor!! from 22nd June 1974 is summarised online, along with the 26h April 1975, 6th July 1985 & 3rd August 1985.

This brings the Page by Page listing to 62% of every Buster ever released now up and available for basic checking of the contents.

Elsewhere, the highlight of this year has to be our Buster Stars Interviews and the long awaited arrival of the Ron Clark Interview.

Ron joined Amalgamated Press just as Fleetway were taking over and he wrote the script for the first Buster story in issue 1. Ron was also responsible for finding the talents of Angel Nadal as well as giving advice to a young office boy called Bill Titcombe.

The whole life story came in at over fifty pages, and it's been a fascinating experience reading through it, and then trying to pick out the best bits. My huge thanks for Chris Clark and the family for allowing us to share Ron's tales with you all. Sadly Ron died last year, but his funeral was well attended by the likes of Ginger Gibbon, Jack Stokes and Bill Titcombe amongst others.

On the subject of Bill, I'm informed that sadly his wife died earlier this year, and he himself is currently being treated for Cancer. Our thoughts and best wishes are with you, Bill - and hopefully you'll make a speedy recovery.

Right, that's all I've got for now, time to get back to the sofa and watch the end of quite an interesting Brazilian Grand Prix - it's no wonder I get very little work done with so much TV to watch!

Update: 14th October 2010

Hmmm, lets clear these cobwebs then!

So, September became October, but Mark Bennington has finally become one of our Buster Stars. You can read about his time on Buster and discover just who out of Bernie Banks & Dozy Derek was more brainless!

As for the Ron "Nobby" Clark interview, it's ready to go, but just needs some illustration.....shouldn't take long (famous last words!) but I've learnt it's now better not to make promises you can't keep.

As a special bonus treat, I've snuck in the title box for The Hypno-Twins kindly provided by Bruce Laing who runs his own comic blog with some Buster strips here.

That's all for now, but I'll be back before Christmas.........won't I?! Guess you're going to have to keep checking back to know for sure!

Update: 30th August 2010

Blimey! Where has the Summer gone? And I mean that literally. With all the rubbish weather you could be forgiven for expecting more updates over the last month or so. But, things happened more quickly then I was expecting, and suddenly it's the last Bank Holiday before Christmas and I've done nothing!

Anywho, 1984 is now up on the website in the Page by Page section of the site. I've also tied up a few start and end dates for the strips in the A to Z linking them across to the actual comics.

I've also been lucky enough to secure another Buster Star! Mark Bennington has agreed to chat to the website about his time working on Buster and the events that led to the closure of the comic. Plus, with the Ron Clark interview on how Buster began, September is a month to look forward to on the site! Honest....these will come in September!

Update: 8th August 2010

1983 is now complete in our Page by Page section of the site! I've also come across a free gift inside on of the Issues Phil Edmonds' Spotlight on Sport. Full details of it's contents will follow, but dinner is almost ready so not today!

Also new in the Free Gift section, Frankenstein's Creepy Clutcher a free gift sent in by Stuart Fox - thanks for helping fill this section of the site!

I've got some 1984 issues to drop in as soon as I get a chance, plus that Ron Clark Interview - so keep checking back whenever you get a chance!

Update: 7th August 2010

All being well the first of two days worth of updates today. 1982 and 1983 have seen some additions in the Page by Page section of the site.

Should be able to get a few more up tomorrow, plus an addition to the Freebies section of the website that was sent to me this week too.

Also, since we last spoke, I recieved the latest Buster Star interview with Ron "Nobby" Clark. He tells a fantastic story and hopefully it'll be up on the website very soon!

Update: 17th July 2010

Wow....that's taken a while. Just shy of a month after I added the 1986 issues from the Wilson Collection, I've finally got around to doing the 1987 batch.

This haul of comics, along with an additional 1988 issue means we now list every single issue from December 1986 through to September 1993. Those, combined with all the other issues listed mean 57% of the Buster archive is up online - and I've just confirmed another haul from the early 1980s which I'll be picking up from Surrey sometime soon.

Between updates I was lucky enough to meet in person with Allen Cummings a couple of weeks back as I handed over a copy of last years Buster Special to him. In return, I recieved some artwork that was used on the comic - I'll try and get some pictures up soon.

Also coming soon, I'm going to start working through some of the Holiday Specials and Best of Buster Monthlys I've secured over the years to set up a Page by Page on these too. The archive will just keep growing! Make sure you drop by again soon! (I won't set a date, because as you've learnt by now it almost never works out like that!)

Update: 19th June 2010

Well, whilst you've been waiting for the latest update I've been entertaining the nephews and celebrating my Dad's 70th Birthday (he's even older then Buster!!)

But now, normality is restored, and we pick up where we left off with another Buster Star Interview from Gordon Robson who worked as a letterer and resize artist on the Annuals & Comic Libraries. We've also served up a handful of additons in September to December 1986 from one of my latest hauls. There's more to come from 1987 in that batch probably next weekend!

Update: 29th May 2010

So the Birthday Celebrations continue with part 2 of our Buster stars interviews. You can now read what Allen Cummings has to say about Buster and read the words of Jack Edward Oliver who spoke to our sister site before his death in 2007.

We've also added another name. Gordon Robson, a resize artist on the Buster and Whizzer & Chips pocket libraries. You can read his interview with us very soon!

Update: 16th May 2010

The final selection of comics from my latest haul are now up online. A mix from 1986 and 1987. I've also done all the work for the first three Buster stars interviews. You can catch Lew Stringer, Trevor Metcalfe & Scott Goodall's chats with the site next weekend - 50 years on from the first Buster Issue hitting the shelves of all good newsagents!

I also must add my thanks to Buster editor Allen Cummings. We had a 45 minute conversation on Wednesday night, and that interview should be up within a couple of weeks too!

Update: 10th May 2010

So after a long day at work I get home and pick up a message on my answerphone and start bounding around the room like an excitable puppy.

Following a letter I sent as a bit of a shot in the dark a couple of weeks ago, former Buster Editor Allen Cummings has just agreed to be the 4th Buster Star to answer questions posed by the site. When you consider the first post of this Coming Soon page (right down the bottom) was me pleading with people to talk to the site, it's great progress to have people returning my calls and agreeing to chat!

We'll be talking again on Wednesday, and you can read the interview in full later this month.

Update: 9th May 2010

22 new issues added to the 1985 Page by Page. This complements the 11 that were already put there from yonks ago with full synopses. There's a few more to go from my latest haul which I'll try and get up soon, plus a fortnight from now you'll be able to read the first of the interviews from our Buster stars!

Update:3rd May 2010

So whilst the snooker has been on for the last couple of hours, I took the opportunity to raid the 1984 section of my latest haul and upload it into the Page by Page. We now have over 1,000 copies of Buster listed in contents form, and there's still more to come!

Update: 2nd May 2010

More great additions to the Page by Page. The twenty copies from 1983 that were part of my latest haul are now recorded with their contents. Hopefully, some of the editions from 1984 will pop up tomorrow - it's a good weekend for it, miserable & wet, with the Snooker final on the TV to have on in the background! (Yup, that's why there is ALWAYS an update on the May Day weekend, Snooker final on the telly!)

And don't forget if you've not already heard, Lew Stringer, Trevor Metcalfe & Scott Goodall will be talking to this site later this month as part of Buster's 50th Birthday. If you've not already heard, read the details here!

Update: 25th April 2010

So you wait ages for an update to come, and then two come along at once! A bit of tidying up in the A to Z (which actually is barely noticeable!) but the big update of the day belongs to the Free Gift from the site. Yup, find out who are the first 3 Buster Stars over there now!

Update: 24th April 2010

As promised from last week's update some new editions have arrived in the Page by Page. 1981 & 1982 have both had an increase in new editions - 25 in total! Plus there's another 90 odd to come between now and Buster's Birthday!

Plus, we're preparing to reveal something special for Buster's 50th Birthday. All I can say right now is that some Buster stars will be dropping in for a chat....find out who VERY soon!

Update: 18th April 2010

So the Countdown to the 50th Birthday began last month, and there is news on that coming very soon. In the meantime, I spent much of today driving to and from Ealing to close in on another 113 additions to the Buster Page by Page. These editions will go up online very soon as part of the birthday celebrations. Because of this addition to my collection, the list of wanted comics has closed slightly, and can be found here. Keep popping back though, the big Birthday celebrations start soon!

Update: 14th February 2010

FINALLY! It's been a long while coming, I know but I've finally made an update! Courtesy of a purchase through the Comics UK Forum I've got five new additions to the 1985 Page by Page Listings. 6th April 1985, 20th April 1985, 27th April 1985, 10th August 1985, and the 17th August 1985 are listed for your perusal. I've also put up a Page by Page listing for the 2009 Buster Special so you can see what you're missing out on if you've not got a copy yet.

Remember, that special is only in WHSmiths stores until the 3rd March - so get your copy now!

Not forgetting, of course, that this year is Buster's 50th Anniversary and I'm working now on something special which I hope to be able to reveal to you in the coming weeks!

Happy Birthday 9th February 2010

I've not forgotten you, I promise. It's been a rather busy start to the year, I'm afraid. But I've not forgotten the site. I've been in touch with a few special guests as we prepare for Buster's 50th Birthday this May. It's going to be great, so make sure you keep checking back for more details.

In the meantime, I just wanted to take time to point out that today is our 6th Birthday. On the 9th February 2004 we finally launched a full website, with just 6 pages off the contents. We've grown massively since then and I wanted to take this time to thank you all for your support, once again.

Happy Birthday to us, and more updates soon, I promise!

Merry Christmas; 24th December 2009

Hi everybody,

So another year is almost out of the way. It's crazy to believe that ten years ago we were mourning the loss of our favourite comic. Who'd have thought it would make its way back to the shelves a decade further on? The good news is despite an initial delay in getting the issue out, copies have now been spotted in most WHSmith stores across the UK, so if Santa doesn't bring you a copy, you should still be in luck!

I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support this year, and in particular to thank Melanie & Steve at Egmont who have been kind enough to ensure all the Buster special news is kept up to date.

This time last year I was beginning to plot celebrations of the decade since Buster's passing, and the approach to the 50th Birthday. One year on it's the 50th Birthday to deal with, and I'm already working hard plotting some big events. Keep checking back for more on that next year, or join our Facebook group and we'll contact you when it's all up and running!

One final mention goes to Paul from who has reluctantly decided to pull the plug on the site at the end of this year. Since their launch as he's put in a number of hours to provide something different for you Buster fans from the content here. However, it's a case of "Good News Inside Kids!" as from January his site and mine will become one. Aside from the use of the same address you won't notice the changes immediately, but over the course of 2010 I shall endeavour to include the best of his content alongside mine.

So all that remains is for me to wish you all the Happiest of Christmases, and best wishes for the New Year.

Until 2010 then, Merry Christmas!

Update 7th December 2009

Hello.......are you still here?!!?

My apologies for getting nothing done since October. Somehow I didn't have enough time in the weekend to get things done, and consequently this fell to the bottom of my list.

However, we're now getting things done again, and kicking off with a real cracker! Last month I recieved an exclusive preview copy of the Buster Special that's released in WH Smith Stores this Wednesday. And now, especially for you, I present my take on the inclusions within the special. It's just my opinion, of course, and feel free to add your own take to the Facebook group when you can lay your hands on it later this week!

Update 4th October 2009

No major updates here this weekend as my efforts were required elsewhere, but I have been able to gift you an easier way of keeping up to date with what's happening here. We're now on Facebook! As this page gets updated I'll update the Facebook group too so you'll be able to keep track of what we're doing whilst you're finding out what your old friends used to do!

It also gives you an opportunity to leave your thoughts and comments about the site, the prospect of a forthcoming Buster Special, or how you've coped with life without Buster!

Update 27th September 2009

Something new in the Page by Page this weekend. I've uploaded the contents of the Comic Libraries I own....only 7 of them, but you can track them down in the 1984 and 1985 pages!

Update 13th September 2009

A warm welcome to you if you're visiting for the first time after reading Johnny Davis' article in this weekend's Guardian. For those of you who didn't catch it, you can find my small but perfectly formed soundbite here!

Elsewhere it's joy all round this weekend as the final issues of my personal collection of Buster comics arrives in short form listings on the Page by Page. 1998 & 1999 is complete making up 950 of the 1901 issues Buster produced listed. Better still, it's exactly half!

From here the hard work begins as I realign my focus onto detailed listings, and going back to work on the A to Z profiles as well. Plenty of work to get on with and try to get done before we reach the publication of the new Buster Special this December!

But for tonight - Celebration time. 50% of Buster's saved for online records...that's a pretty good record :-)

Update 30th August 2009

I got ridiculously excited this week as the official copy of the font cover of this years Buster Special was sent through to me. You can see it all, plus our verdict here. To celebrate, we've overhauled the entire Buster Special Microsite complete with a little front cover of the Misty Special too.

Also this week, I was interviewed by Johnny Davis from The Guardian about the release of the Buster Special. It's due to pop up in the Culture Section ( a culture supplement, who'd have thunk it?!?!) in a couple of weeks, just ahead of the release of Misty. Needless to say, I'll pop the link up on the site when it's online!

No Page by Page update this week due to work going on elsewhere (incluing a departure for our really rubbish index page - you now come straight to the Contents) but we're on course to load 1998 next weekend and hopefully 1999 the weekend after, rounding off things there. We've also got an interview with the editor of the Buster special to get online as we edge closer to the December launch date!

Update 23rd August 2009

So you spend ages planning what to do on your week off and then it all goes wrong! Ah well, 1997 has finally arrived up into the Page by Page, albeit a week later then planned. We've also got a few updates to the Crazy Characters page as it's uncovered that Mark Bennington had a wave of new strips through the year that, although they don't officially have the Crazy Characters banner, fit the structure of the Crazy Characters ethos. That page is now looking very nearly complete!

I'm still waiting (despite much chasing) for the first look of the front cover of the Buster special. Hopefully, this will be rectified this week and I can load that next weekend, along with part/all/none (delete as applicable) of 1998. Of course, those of you who drop by on a regular basis will know by now that when I say next weekend, the chances are it's at least two weeks away!!

Update 5th August 2009

Sad news to add today. Buster & Misty have swapped places with the Buster special delayed until December. The exclusive news over in our Buster Special section.

Meanwhile, those of you waiting for 1997 will be pleased to know I'm off work next week, and whilst ensuring the nephews are well looked after is the task for the first half of the week, 1997 is the task for the second! Should be up by next weekend!

Update 12th July 2009

So I warned you last week not to get too excited at the prospect of two years arriving in the Page by Page anytime soon. And then I go and surprise you by doing just that! 1995 and 1996 are both in the listings now.....aided partly by the amount of gaps in my collection. This is the area that bridges the final full editions of a collection bought in 2006 from Neil Hamlet and the point where I stopped pulling out my favourite strips from the comic and decided to store the lot. Yup, from mid 1996 everyone of those front pages has only ever belonged to me - and it's my name scrawled over the front page by a newsagent!

As I carefully pieced together the gaps in the collection I was able to find a point to add Dr Zitbag & Horrifido badges to the Free Gift section of the site. I've also adjusted a couple of dates that unless you've written a copy down somewhere you'll probably not notice anyway!

Finally, a couple of further adjustments to the Crazy Characters page of the site. You'll now spot I've almost accounted for the origins of all of the Crazy Characters although I've been surprised by how many of them pop up on a regular basis - I think that section of the site needs a tad more work to reflect this.

Anywho, just 3 years left to get up in the Page by Page and I have each and every one of those comics so it's a full house ride now til that final issue arrives on the site, hopefully sometime towards the end of the month! Keep checking back!

Update 5th July 2009

Well I'm in a good mood this weekend! Mainly because the hardest part of the page by page is now complete, with the final year of weekly editions up online. Yup, 1994 has arrived, bar a couple of missing editions. This means that next week when I sit down to work on 1995, I'll only have half the work to do - as Buster went fortnightly in January 1995. In theory, I can do two years in one weekend with the same effort as one year takes.....although lets not get too excited, now!

A few additional pages up in the Crazy Characters file in the A to Z coinciding with this update. More to come later this month, including (hopefully!) those missing parts to the Buster Special Microsite!. Keep checking back!

Update 28th June 2009

So as promised then I've now rejigged the Free Gift section of the site to create a Buster Special Microsite. The Top 100 Results are now safely filed away in there, as is some information on Egmont too. You can also see two of the features planned as we prepare the countdown - an interview with the Editor and a first look at the front cover. You will be able to catch it here first - later this summer.

Oh - and for those of you already getting restless, there's a funky countdown clock for you to watch avidly between now and September 16th!!

Update 27th June 2009

June has always been a crazy month for me. This year, especially so. Over the past 3 weekends I've held a surprise 30th Anniversary Party for my parents, attended by Dad's planned 69th Birthday Gathering and been a dutiful son for Father's Day too!

All this has meant free time just didn't happen until today, leading to a delay in the second half of 1993 arriving. Bust it's now there, which is a simple task that has taken far too long to complete! It also means the Page by Page runs with every single issue from 5th March 1988 to 23rd October 1993.

Tomorrow I'm working on an overhaul of the Free Gift section of the site ahead of the Buster Special due out on the 16th September. Hopefully, by the evening that should be live. Whilst we all eagerly anticipate that, don't forget to pick up the Battle Special which is out in WHSmith Stores now!

Update 31st May 2009

So the first 7 months of 1993 are up online in the Page by Page now. I intended to get more up, but ran out of time! Also, with a little help from Phil McVie I've also filled in the gap for 19th August 1989 too! It means there's a complete listing now from late October 1987 to July 1993!

There's also a few more additions to the Crazy Characters and One Strip Wonders Pages too!

Meanwhile, my friends at Egmont have confirmed that they have recieved the results of your votes in the 100 Greatest Buster strips, and that we won't be disappointed. In the coming weeks we'll have an interview with the editor compiling the Buster Special, and the first view anywhere in the world of the front cover too!

So keep an eye on the site for all of your Buster Special Updates!

Update 22nd May 2009

So you've voted - and thank you kindly for that - and I can now reveal what you have picked as the top 100 strips from Buster. Check out what you said over in our Free Gift page!

Update 10th May 2009

So, good to my word, 1992 is now the latest addition to the Page by Page. You've my friend Nick to thank for this one as he was supposed to be here this weekend, but with plans cancelled I've been free to load this instead!

Don't forget there's just 11 days left before our vote closes and the results are passed onto Egmont as they compile the Autumn's Buster Special. Head over here for more details

1993 will be next up, I can make no guarentees that it'll be next weekend, but I should have it up for you before the end of the month - easily! and 1994 may even be up by then too!

Update 4th May 2009

So the next year has gone into the Page by Page. We now have 1991 in our archive and another 52 issues listed. There's also been plenty of additions from the 1991 listings to the Crazy Characters page and the One Strip Wonders page.

Having popped the new year up online, it's bought my attention to a handful of troublesome dates in the A to Z listing of strips, which need correcting, I'll tweak these rather quietly when I get a chance!

Finally, as I type this, you've got 17 Days left to vote for the strips that can go into the special Buster comic due out in September. Do take this opportunity to try and get your favourite strips into this here to cast that vote!

Finally, as the logical amongst you will have worked out - 1992 is the next year to go into the Page by Page, and I'll go as far to promising I'll do my level bestest to get it up before the 49th Birthday!

Update 26th April 2009

Well, here comes the rest of 1990. Apologies for the delay, birthday celebrations over Easter kinda left me without much time. Normal service now resumed, I've popped up the next 6 months, completing the 1990 listing. We've also added several strips to the Crazy Characters page (which has caused progress to slow as each strip needs a listing! Stupid Street is now up online too and there's some additions to the One Strip Wonders too!

More to come (hopefully) over the forthcoming Bank Holiday weekend, and don't forget you've only got a couple of weeks left to vote for your favourite Buster strips before we pass everything over to Egmont and they compile the Buster special. Click Here for more details!

Update 4th April 2009

Up goes another 6 was supposed to be a year but there's not enough time in the day and I'm out tomorrow! January to June 1990 are no up online in the Page by Page, including the major relaunch in April as an All Colour Comic with a new Buster Artist (Jimmy Hansen).

It's also when the Crazy Characters launched which means I've had to jiggle around the A to Z. All the Crazy Characters will continued to be listed on their page, but only the regulars Captain Crucial, Lucy Lastic, Stupid Street (page coming soon) and Monty's Mutant Mutt getting their own A to Z listing. I've also relegated the One Strip Wonders to their own page, no longer appearing in the A to Z.

Don't forget to keep voting for your favourite Buster strips so the most popular can be considered for inclusion in the Buster special released by Egmont later this year!

Finally, and I meant to post this last week, but what with the excitement over the Buster Special I clean forgot. The news of the death of the first writers of Buster, Ron Clark arrived in my Inbox last week. Sympathies go from the site to his family. Later this year we'll be featuring an interview with Ron, conducted by his son - a great tribute to a great writer. Anyone who read the comic in those early days will surely agree.

The Guardian have today published an Obituary for Ron, which can be viewed here

Update 29th March 2009

So over the last week I received word from our friends at Egmont that Buster is coming back to the shelves. Yup, along with Roy of the Rovers, Misty & Battle - Buster makes a one-off appearence this year as part of a special Egmont Classic Comics release.

Not only that, but readers have the opportunity to have THEIR say in what goes into this special creation. You can vote now for your favourite strips over the 40 years and select one favourite Buster strip. These results will be passed onto Egmont as they compile the special for release on the 16th September.

Get voting now - you'd be daft to miss out on this fantastic opportunity. And our thanks to Egmont for giving us this opportunity to have our say!

Incidentally, a Roy of The Rovers special is released this Wednesday exclusively in WH Smith stores, so if you loved comic's hottest football talent (after The Sludgemouth Sloggers of course!) then get yourself off to Smiths later this week!

Update 15th March 2009

So 1989 is up online and completes my collection of the 1980s in the Page by Page. Twenty years ago, these comics were rolling off the press and you can now catch up on who was hot stuff! Highlights includes a complete listing to the A to Z of Nurks that appears in the late October issues - every Nurk named for you!

The most observant amongst you will notice I've knocked off a few numbers in the total number of issues in the Decades page. Don't worry - I'm not fiddling figures to look more up to date - but I discovered recently 4 issues from May/June 1980 were dropped due to printing hassles. These have now been flagged up.

The final adjustment goes into the A to Z. As well as linking dates in the profiles to the comics that are online, I've also been able to add a synopsis to The Leopard of Lime Street profile, courtesy of Tony Pettigrew who e-mailed during the week.

That's all I've got up my sleeve for this week, but soon I'll be getting stuck into 1990 for the Page by Page, so check back for the meantime, I've got some ironing to do ;-)!

Update 22nd February 2009

So in the past couple of weeks we have slipped into our 5th year online. It's crazy to think how time flies, particularly as I wanted the 80s online by the time that happened! Still, I managed to sit down today to complete 1988 and hope to have 1989 online in the next couple of weeks. Preparations are all now underway as well for some special celebrations as we head towards the 10th Anniversary of Buster ending, and the 50th Anniversary since it began towards the end of this year.......Hopefully, I'll be able to reveal more soon!

Update 1st February 2009

So the first major update of 2009 is live with an extension into the Page by Page. Every single issue is listed by date from 1960 to 1988, with additions to the character listing in 1987 and 1988. The rest of '88 should follow soon, so keep checking back!

Update 30th November 2008

Ho, ho, ho - Merry Christmas! To celebrate Christmas 2008, which is now just around the corner, there's a special Free Gift to check out! More to be added before the big day!

Update 23rd November 2008

So the Tiffin collection is complete with the arrival of 1975 to the Page by Page. No additions to the A to Z as we've only got half a year, but with the decade that precedes it, there's now a very clear picture of what Buster was like in it's earlier years.

Next up, we start thinking about Christmas, with some Christmas additions to the Page by Page coming soon....check back soon to see what festive treats we have in store for you !

Update 16th November 2008

So, nearly completing the Tiffin collection, 1974 is up online in the Page by Page. The year that Buster merged with Cor!! bringing with it many new strips....and consequently new title boxes up into the A to Z. They are The Spectre Inspector, Wally's Weirdies, Marney The Fox, Tomboy, Fiends & Neighbours and a whole new addition in the form of The Bully Buzzard - Sweet!

Also, for the very first time, I'm including the dates of the missing issues in the Page by Page, partly due to 1974 being very erratic in production combined with a few gaps in the Tiffin Collection. Dates are in for the years 1964 to 1974 with the rest to be added over the course of the next few updates.

Update 30th October 2008

Up goes 1973 thanks to a few days off work. Further additions to the Page by Page Title Boxes include The Elusive Charlie Peace - the follow on from The Astounding Adventures, Blarney Bluffer, Nits of the Round Table, Sammy Brewster's Ski-Board Squard, and The Loch Mess Monster. Enjoy!!

Update 26th October 2008

Another year is up in the Page by Page with the arrival of 1972. Also new picture boxes in the A to Z from Jimmy's Jumping Beans, The Siege of Castle Gloom, The Duke of Dry Gulch, The Piskies, The World Wide Wheelers, Drifter Long, Queen of the Seas and Sam's City Jungle. Phew!

Update 19th October 2008

So it's taken a while to get around to it, but the 1971 Page by Page overview is up online. This includes the first merged issue of Buster & Jet. Head over to the Page by Page now to check it out and keep an eye out for 1972 coming up soon!

The new issues also add four new title boxes to the A to Z, George & The Dragon, Master-Mind, Calling U For Useless and The Search for the Sorcerer's Treasure

Update 29th September 2008

Barring the two missing issues from the Tiffin Collection, 1970 is now up online in the Page by Page. 1970 was when Buster began to be affected by Industrial Action, causing two double issues and an early end to the year with no comics produced from November 1970 to February 1971. Also going up today is the title box for The Trail of the Twister and a whole new addition. Percy The Problem Child who first appeared this year!

Update 14th September 2008

The 1969 Page by Page is complete, bar the one issue that wasn't in the Tiffin Collection. I've also been linking some dates to the issues in the A to Z so you can find the issues in question! Work on the 1970s begins next weekend!

Update: 7th September 2008

27 New Editions added to 1969 in the Page by Page listings, plus title boxes added for several strips including There's a Jinx on the Job, Pongo and Roaming James, Space Pilot

Update: 31st August 2008

So this is the mother of all updates then! At the start of this month I acquired a HUGE collection of comics from Stephen Tiffin. All in very good condition - some near mint it's the collection that is helping to change the Page by Page beyond recognition. In the last few weeks I've been beavering away behind the scenes to list all of these edtions. Now, it's not a complete coverage of all the stories within the comics, but you can now get an overview of comics starting from 1965 and running through to currently 1969. Bearing in mind the Tiffin Collection runs through to 1975, and then the comics I still have to list, over the next few weeks literally hundreds of comics will be going up online - so make sure you keep coming back.

Also going up this evening, is a couple of brief synopses to Galaxus and James Pond courtesy of Phillip Hughes. Don't forget if you can help with anything like this, feel free to e-mail me Oh, and one last note, I apologise for the lack of E's in some of my updates - the letter E doesn't always work on my keyboard!

Update: 13th July 2008

Finally got around to it then, Page by Page number 13 is up and running from 20th September 1986. A couple of these strips tie in with the following weeks edition, which I have...and will hopefully get up online soon (but you've heard that before!)
Also, quite exciting, by the end of the month I will have in my possession some older comics from the 60s and 70s. I hope (but as always make no promises) to get a couple of these online by the Autumn, as one of the many comments about the Page by Page is the lack of choice from across the years.

As always, if you want to get in touch, feel free to e-mail

Update: 8th March 2008

Well, time for a new update and it's another Page by Page. This time it's 6th September 1986 which features the last episode of the Terror Toys and a tease for Melvyn's Mirror!

More updates on the way (although it'll be slow progress), but keep checking back!

Update: 17th February 2008

Well you may not have noticed, but it's now just over 4 years since this site came online. You probably won't have noticed, because it's not exactly been a busy period! I know we keep going quiet...but do keep coming back, as we'll keep doing updates.....eventually.

Anywho, to celebrate our 4th Birthday, we've got 2 brand new page by pages for you. 29th March and 24th May 1986.

But that's not all. We've got additions to the Fre Gifts page. Pictures of the Funny Fizzical Stickers, The first of the Soccer Stars Album and the Zoomer Rocket. All provided by Steven Adamson.

Finally, there's a new title box in town, belonging to Uncle Ironsides, with thanks to Niall for the image.

So that's our birthday present to you....where's yours to me?!?!?!

Finally, a brief message from Paul at He hopes to be back online following some recent down time soon!.

Update: 28th October 2007

Well it's all gone quiet, but that was due to my second house move in a year. I've finally left Essex, and am now living on the Yorks/Lancs border, with a nice shiny new job too! Other good news is that I'm planning an attack on Ebay soon too, my first purchases in nearly 2 years!

Now I'm unpacked, back online and all that, expect more coming to the page by page in the next couple of weeks. Until then TTFN!

Update: 10th September 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Kind of! A third new page by page in a week with the first issue from 1986. 4th January 1986 is up for your perusal with the very first strip from The Dummies

Update: 9th September 2007

Feelin' Festive? I know I am! I've just completed the 8th Page by Page by putting up the issue dated 28th December 1985 This completes my copies of 1985 Buster's and the next edition to go up will be from the start of 1986 and the first issue to feature Buster's new friends. That to come, hopefully before the end of the month.

Update: 7th September 2007

Well there's a new Page by Page in town. 5th October 1985 is now up for your viewing pleasure. It's the 7th Page by Page in the collection. One more will complete my 1985 collection online, and we'll move on to '86.

Also, I've updated the Artist details for a couple of the old strips that were sent to me by Steve Taylor of the Dan Dare website.

Finally, I minor tweak in the A to Z profiles as we finally link the profile pages to a list of the strips in the Page by Page. Just tidying things up....go exploring to see how it works!

Update: 26th August 2007

So how's the summer been for you?

Luckily, I've not been in the bits of the UK that have been swimming underwater, but it's been a pretty miserable one weatherwise. But I've been kept busy at work. So busy in fact I left it!

So now I'm temporarily between jobs, and whilst I'm waiting, I intend to do a couple of more updates on the site. Might as well make the most of my bit of time off!

A couple of temporary updates today, extra links added to the links page, and after having contact made by Egmont Fleetway, I've got myself a link to them too! I've also decided to close the forum.

It's not been an easy decision, but the forum isn't used to a particularly great deal. I get far more accounts being signed up to by robots and junk, and few to no genuine accounts. Access to new members is now close, although I'll keep the board online for the time being as an archive.

I'd also like to thank all of the regular contributers to the board since it's launch just over 2 years ago.

Update: 28th May 2007

So more sad news on the JEO front, I'm afraid. He died on 26th May. A tribute to him can be found here, and please do visit Jack's official site to pay your respects. May the campaign to Abolish Tuesdays continue in his memory.

Also today, the newest page by page goes up. 27th May 1985 and seeing as it is going up today, I dedicate this to the memory of JEO.

A sad day in the comic world.

Update: 26th May 2007


Firstly, starting with some sad news. According to Toonhound, Buster Artist Jack Edward Oliver isn't well. Full details available via our forum here We wish him well and have everything crossed.

Talking of the forum, this Monday there are a few changes forthcoming, full details here

And finally, I'm just about to settle down and work on the 6th Page by page entry. Again it will still be from the 80s, as I'm working through my collection in order. Anyone who knew me would realise that if I started muddling them up I'd get very confused - doesn't take much! Should be at least one (I'm hoping for two) up later this weekend!

Update: 9th April 2007

So another update for you, and to celebrate my forthcoming birthday, Easter, and the fact the weather's been quite nice, I give you Page by Page entry number 5. This issue is 20th July 1985. More to come!

Update: 17th March 2007

So, you've been waiting since early August 2006, but finally you can see the other half of title boxes. N to Z in the A to Z have many new additions, including many to the Crazy Characters and One Strip Wonders pages.

Plus, whilst digging around some of the boxes I bought with me in the move, I've found another Free Gift! Click here to check out the final set of Buster stickers given away in 1999.

Update: 13th March 2007

Hmmmmm, so that weekend never came then!

I make no apologies or excuses for 8 months of nothingness on the site. I could blame work, but we all have that, I certainly could have done something to the site in all this time.

Well a lot has happened. I'm now in a new job, new flat and bundles of spare time to whichI'm going to make promises of regular updates blah blah blah. You've heard it before, so I guess the only way to see if I deliver is to check back and put me to the test.

To celebrate the net coming on in my new flat, I have uploaded a brand new Page by Page from June 1985. You can find it here I'm hoping to do more to the site through the year.....but I guess it's a case of watch this space.

Update: 10th August 2006

So the rest of that Page by Page is done. You can see all the stories for this edition now That brings our online total to three, which doesn't sound particularly grand, but it's the start of things to come. I'll be working on more to come in the future but your next update should be the rest of those title strips in the A to Z over the weekend!

Update: 7th August 2006

I decided this morning I kept you waiting long enough for Page by Page number three, so I've uploaded the raw details. I've still got to list the full strips, but it's a start! You can find it here

Update: 6th August 2006

So it may have taken me a month but I've finally added on some of the stuff from those new comics I got off Neil some time ago. I've dealt with the first half of the alphabet and a whole host of new Crazy characters have found their way online, as well as a few title boxes for those strips that didn't have them.

I'm going to get around to the other half (N to Z) hopefully next weekend and that'll bring the A to Z even more up to date then before. I will get around to that other Page by Page soon too, hopefully, though it's a busy month workwise so bear with it.

Incidentally, on my updating mission this evening I came across Mighty White which wasn't included in the Buster Index. It seems to have launched in or around June 1987, but ended during August 1987. If anyone can shed some more light on this, please do get in touch via the forum or e-mail

Update: 5th July 2006

Well it's been a while, hasn't it? But I've got good news. I've recently purchased a huge collection of Buster's from the 1990s from Neil Hamlet - ta mate! This means the Crazy characters section of the A to Z will increase soon with more title boxes. In due course I'll add some more of the one strip wonders too.

In the Page by Page I've got another edition ready to go live, just got to create the web pages for it.....that's been sitting in my to do pile for around three to four weeks now, but I'll get it sorted soon. I hope to kick myself into touch with these and get them moving soon, but naturally it's a long slow task so don't expect 1992 to appear overnight! I'll be uploading them as they're done so keep checking back.

I'm off on holiday on Saturday for a week, so the earliest the next updates will appear will be third week of July. In the meantime, there's some new topics on the forum so go check them out!

Update: 17th May 2006

Just a quickie. A second issue in the Page by Page Index. Christmas Special from 1984

Update: 16th May 2006

So after around nine months of anticipation, I've completed the first entry into what I hope will be the finished Page by Page article. Essentially, I've taken the advice given about short descriptions and long descriptions. As you can see in this first example the main details for the comic are contained on one page, with links to more detailed story descriptions. Those pages in turn link (by clicking the header strip) to the A to Z entry for that story. Shortly, I will link the A to Z back round the other way too!

In the course of my investigation, I've come across two new headers for the A to Z. Clumsy Colin and Jack Pott Certainly with the latter I can't believe he's had no title box for so long! At least we're sorted now

As always, feedback on Page by Page is appreciated via the Forum please let me know what you think! Hopefully, I'll get a second example up in the next couple of days.

Update: 9th May 2006

Question, how do you spend a whole day updating a website with nothing to show for it. Convert to XHTML!

Yes, it's done.....most of the site is now in XHTML, with the exception of the A to Z. This is the first part of the summer season of updates. The Page by Page will be starting soon, I've had a few offers of help so thanks to everyone wwho has got in touch so far.

I've found the orginal Melvyn's Mirror things. For those of you wondering what strip it was, take a look at the issues of Buster dated, 17th December 1988 or 18th December 1993. I've got the original artwork to those Melvyn's Mirror strips!!

There'll be more as it happens!

Update: 13th April 2006

Not an actual update as such, but I had to post this. It was my 21st Birthday yesterday and the writers group I'm part of clubbed together and bought me something very special. The original artwork to a Melvyn's Mirror Christmas Strip - the one where Melvyn discovers that all the kids are Santa's dressed up! It's amazing to look at - the pencil markings in the speech bubbles to the tipex marks and the bit of paper stuck over for a question mark.

I know I've got it in print somewhere, but typically I can't find it to compare. Still, at least I know it's a Christmas one so I've only got two comics a year to look through. I'll get pictures up soon!

Update: 3rd April 2006

Another Message from the Boss for you. It's going to be a quiet six weeks or so, I'm afraid, but normal service will be resumed shortly.

Update: 26th February 2006

It's not a lot, so don't get too excited!!! Just reworked the A to Z page again with the stats of the section. It gives you some idea what we have. There's also a link to a page just listing those strips with profiles, making them stand out. I was shocked to find there's only 9 profiles (10 if you count the difference in title between Brainsly and Mainly Brainsly).

Also a slight (virtually unnoticeable) change to the Page by Page. I've taken the examples away to rework them. That too will have a counter. I've made a list of every comic that should have come out according to The Buster Index and my own collection and it's actually 1,905. I've got a lot of work ahead of me......

Update: 24th February 2006

Where does the time go? The last couple of weeks have flown by, and still nothing much to show for it. It's been a month since the last update, and harsh though it sounds, it's not good enough really.

The trouble with the A to Z is knowing where to start. Having only read Buster for the final 8 years, most of the early characters I cannot create profiles for, and with those that are left I'm trying to work out the best ways to put their profile together. I'm going to try and do some easy ones, The Winners maybe, fact is if I do some of those I might be able to summon up the enthusiasm for researching into some of the more complicated or older strips, and the rest works from there.

On a slightly different note, one section that has been dithering a bit has been the Page By Page but I think I've got a plan to please everybody. In the comic guide a brief synopsis, and a link to a more detailed storyline. This could be less work, as the reprints of strips from the 1990s, will still be the same as the originals, and I'll only need to write the story up once. Slightly more work behind the scenes, but I'm happy to do that. The idea is still to have all 1,850 odd editions listed, brief details on one page, but for those looking for more information, a detailed description on another (with links to each edition the strip featured in).

I hope to set up an example soon (possibly using what is already there), that way it'll be easier to see what I am trying to achieve. All being well later this summer Page by Page will look a little fuller and maybe by the end of 2006 I will have listed all the 150 comics I currently have (and be in a position to buy more!)

Finally, there has been a minor update. I noticed some of the pictures of Free Gifts weren't appearing, so I've sorted that out. Don't forget you can report problems, comment on the Updates and more on the Forum or via e-mail at

Update: 9th February 2006

Today is our second birthday! In the words of another Fleetway comic - Whoopee!!!

Personally, I'm quite proud of our achievement over the last two years, particularly when you consider much of the work has been completed in the last 7 months. Admittedly it's been a bit quiet around here lately. I'm being paid to build a website for someone so that's taking my full attention, but I've got ideas for here.

I'm hoping to get some more A to Z profiles done soon, and fill in a few more free gift details. Once I've done some of those I shall return to the contraversial Page by Page section and make a decision.

In the meantime, keep using The Forum I added a few new topics to discuss a while back, but nothing much has come of them. It's sadly a greatly underused resource, don't be afraid to use it. You don't need to register to post a message, and even if you do it's free. Not only that, but it's a joint venture between us and and we would really love your input on our sites, your memories of the comics, and questions for the future.

Well, I'm off to have another slice of cake, Happy Birthday everybody!

Update: 24th January 2006

So the first of the new biographies are up for Cliff Hanger a full synopsis of the story and some images too! Also we've got a title box for Football Madd provided by Alistair Jobson. I've had it absolutely ages, but I've only just got around to loading it.

Hoping to do some more A to Z's in the next few weeks, and Page by Page is still getting the due consideration it needs, before I decided how to go ahead with the section. Keep checking back for more!!!

Update: 6th January 2006

So off we go with another year, and with the snow thawing from the contents page, we press on with 2006. I've given the Page by Page section a lot of thought over Christmas, a lot of shall I shan't I going on.

At the moment, I don't have the funds to increase my stash of items, so now would be a good chance to sort that out and check I've got everything I should online. The plan is as follows:

Over the next couple of weeks, go through the site, checking images and the sections have everything I can put in them. Then some work on the A to Z through February with Page by Page due to recommence in March/April time. Opinion is still greatly divided in the actual format of the section, but each page of each comic will be listed in some way shape or form.

I consider Page by Page the last item to add to my particular resource....whilst I'm not for a moment suggesting come Christmas 06 the site will be complete, once everything is listed in the A to Z, and every page is listed I don't see there's much more to add that isn't done elsewhere........of course, what I think isn't neccessarily what everybody else thinks!!!

So, keep the ideas/questions and offers of help coming in. The Forum needs you to keep it running, a few incidents of spam really stand out amongst the abyss. Please do use the resource. Aside from half a dozen regular posters there's not much going on......I really would like this to change, particualrly as it is one of the key reasons I had to up our Bandwidth! Make it worth my while!!!!!

As always, please feel free to drop me a line, anytime: is the address!

Update: 19th December 2005

It's Christmas, so time for me to sit in my palace, next to the Christmas Tree and recite my Christmas speech to be screened at 3pm on Christmas Day.......oh blow it, check it out here!

Update: 27th November 2005

So I put Page by Page to the vote. Thank you to you both for voting!?! It was unanimous, Both of our two voters wanted a preview to see what Page by Page is like, so the preview has arrived here

Comments are welcome, either via the Forum or via e-mail to

Update 22nd November 2005

Brand new title boxes fresh out of the 1970 Annual. These ones from Smiler & Dimps, The Twitopians, Cruncher, Big Chief Pow Wow, Micky Marvel's Multi-Gun and Crabbe's Crusaders . Got a few more annuals to come, and hopefully the A to Z will boast more title boxes soon.

I've also finally added The Buster Bar to out list of free gifts. The picture of the wrapper you'll recognise, of course, from Paul at I've also delt with Jet in the Best of the Rest Section. That just leaves the pre 70s mergers from Film & Radio Fun, The Big One & Giggle. Until such a time that I can get hold of examples of these relatively cheaply, they will remain empty.

Interestingly a mixed response from the Page by Page Feature I mentioned last week. Some saying it won't be interesting enough. There's a poll on the Forum as to whether you want preview of what the pages will look like. You can find it in the Forum Announcements Section.

The votes up til Saturday and if enough people want it, I'll put the preview up before Monday. If it still doesn't excite enough people then I may put the project on hold, no point working hard on something the people don't want.

I'm still looking for the Christmas 1960 issue for the Christmas look on the site. All I need is a scan of the front page. E-mail for more details or to send the scans in.

As always your comments are welcome either e-mail above or use the forum!

Update 16th November 2005

So a brand new section that I mentioned a fair while ago. Page by Page is hopefully going to be this site's most ambitious project, but also it's biggest asset. Basically, we intend to list every page, of each of the 1,850 odd issues of Buster. But as always we need your help, perhaps more so with this then the other sections of the site.

The eventual idea is to be able to link the free gifts page with the issue it came from, the strips to their A to Z entry and generally give a fantastic resource for people looking for their letter/picture. Whilst we're not going to be uploading the comics onto the web we will be listing every intricate detail. As they say in the movies, "It's a Big Job, but Someone's Got To Do It."

Page by page is going to be the highlight of 2006 on this site, and when I've listed enough comics I'm planning on putting a vote counter on the comic so you can rate how good it was. This can then lead to all kinds of things, that currently I've not thought of, but they're bound to be good!

I might also point out I'm looking for the first Christmas Issue of Buster (December 1960). If you have it, could you please scan the front page and e-mail it to - I'm hoping to use it on the site over Christmas. Sadly, The Comics At Christmas has been postponed for a year - never quite got the idea I wanted, so I'll just stick up a tree, some lights - oh and I've got some snow too!

Finally, keep the forum going - we've had loads of great posts lately and as this site grows more and more people will join, so make sure you get comfortable there first, else you might not get a decent seat!!!

Update: 9th November 2005

Best of the Rest Updated. All Comics now have details of their Annuals displayed, plus the factfile for School Fun and Nipper are in place. The Jet factfile is to follow as soon as I get around to reading the annual! Still struggling on the first 4 (Film & Radio Fun, Big One & Giggle). If anyone can help put this together I'd love to here from you. Usual e-mail address

Plus for your viewing pleasure some more title boxes in the A to Z. This time from the 1972 Annual. The Wizard of Football, The Skid Kids, Freddie "Parrot-Face" Davies, The Misers, Mutt 'n' Chops, Convict 4321 Outt and Eager Beavers

The search continues. My latest Ebay haul includes a couple of 80s Buster Annuals, plus from a separate seller I've got both Books of Spooky Stories! Looking forward to scaring myself silly with that!!!

Another big update is in the Free Gifts section. It's taken a while but I've finally put up the details of The Buster & Sqworm Badge, The X Ray Specs Maze, The Tom Thug Badge, Trick Pencils, The Oink Preview Comic and the long awaited Ghost Train Poster.

Incidentally, I've got a Dr Zitbag and Horrifido Badge in my collection that don't appear on the list of gifts. I'm assuming they were during some point in the patchy spot at the beginning of 1995. Can anyone advise of exactly when they were given away? E-mail the above address or post on the Forum - Don't forget you don't have to register to post!!!

Lastly is the new look Links page. We're getting loads of sites that want a link so it needed tidying up a bit and the red looked postively awful!!! So it's changed, and much easier to navigate too!!! All in all, quite a successful day!

Update: 3rd November 2005

So the work to stop us getting over our bandwidth is completed. Just spent the whole afternoon working on resizing images and the like. As a little treat I've added two new title boxes. The Sludgemouth Sloggers and Von Hoffman's Invasion

The next update will be some time next week where I'm going to be putting up the best and worst of School Fun, Nipper and Jet in the Best of the Rest section.....I have their annuals now so I can cast an opinion!

Update: 1st November 2005

Sorry we were out of action again for a few days last week - back on our feet again now though! I've got to make a few changes to the A to Z to prevent this happening again - this may result in broken links for the next few days.....hopefully, all being well I should have completed it all by Monday 7th November.

Thanks to Paul for passing on the message to our visitors, and also thanks to Nick @ for his help over the last couple of days.....essentially, the images in the A to Z are popular - but a little too popular. I've got to shrink them so when you load the page they take up less space......this won't affect the quality of the A to Z which has more headers on the way thanks to the first and only Jet Annual that arrived last week.

Once again - apologies of the downtime.....good to know we're getting the visitors though!

Update: 26th October 2005

Another small but perfectly formed update with some more title boxes from the 1975 Buster Annual that arrived earlier in the week. They are Bluebottle & Basher, Penny Pincher, Pete's Pocket Army and Sammy Brewster's Ski Board Squad Worth a look if you're a little bored!

Update: 21st October 2005

Not much really, just a few more title boxes put into the A to Z from Annuals I have recieved off Ebay. Had a really good run lately, winning the only School Fun and Nipper Annuals which will hopefully allow me to complete their sections of the Best of the Rest with the Awards for most disappointing strips!

I've added a birthday too - I genuinely mean it when I ask you to send in your birthdays for the Buster Birthday's feature in B-mail. I've only had one "real" person - the rest are my family and please send them in. I can't promise anything bar your name on the site, but that's pretty good, eh? E-mail with your name, location and birthday. You don't have to tell me how old you are - but you are more then welcome to!

Keep the forum going - we had a couple of unfortunate incidents of pointless posts on the board over the last week or two. Sadly, it's one of the downsides to allowing people to post without registering - but we have had genuine guests post on the board, some of which have later joined!

As for Christmas - I'm still not sure what to do yet....but thanks for the images so'll come to me eventually - I hope. Failing that, I'll just stick up some lights and a Christmas tree!!! It'll look different to the norm that I can gaurentee - personally I think it's nice to decorate a website at that time of year, makes it more festive feeling.

Anyhow - hopefully I'll be picking up a few more Buster books over the next week or so, which should hopefully lead to more title boxes. Sadly more lengthy updates will be put off to November as I'm freelancing in Buckinghamshire at the moment........keeps the money rolling in so I can buy more Annuals!!!!!

Oh yeah - nearly forgot to tell you which boxes are up :-) Johnny Samson, Sonny Boy, Brett Shane, Joe's Transport Cafe, B'ware Caretaker, and Mike's Bike

Update: 9th October 2005

So I was sitting on the M25 the other day and thinking about Christmas, and in particular Christmas on this site. So I'm putting out a call from Christmas covers of Buster throughout the years. As of yet, I don't know what the new feature is going to be - I'm just assuming it'll come to me when the covers start flooding in.

If you have a Christmas cover of Buster, please e-mail and hopefully the idea will be forthcoming. Of course I'm open to suggestions - please e-mail those too. Keep the Forum going - a few new members over the last few days, keep up the good work everyone!

Update: 26th September 2005

Reworked the mergers slightly so you can go straight to the Best of the Rest or the Forum from the comic you are reading about.

As well as that - there's brand new title boxes for some great strips as found in the 1980 and 1981 annuals. Thunderboult, Bertie Bumpkin, Lennie The Loner, Minnie's Mixer, Dekker, Stan Still's Stopwatch, Starr Tour, Big Brother Is Watching You, Kid Gloves, Clinging Ivy, Plunk, Tin Teacher and Little Orvy.

You have most probably spotted the new colour here :-) and I'm toying with a rework on the contents page sometime in the next week or so. All comments welcome please do use the Forum remember you don't need to be a member to post and everyone is welcome!!!

Second Update: 22nd September 2005

Forgot to mention that Buster writer Scott Goodall contacted me recently, listing a few things that he and some of his fellow writers worked on - and these have been added to the A to Z - Thanks Scott!!!

Update 22nd September 2005

So what do you want to see next on the website? I was twiddling my thumbs the other weekend wondering what to do next and I'm not entirely sure. I'd love your feedback.

Visit The Forum to post your ideas (opens in a new window) and remember you don't have to be a member to post!

Update 9th September 2005

Working hard on becoming the most comprehensive Buster site on the net, we've launched two new features today. The first is an adjustment to the A to Z so you can trace your favourite artist and all the strips they worked on. Click here to see it. Incidentally, there are several strips classed as Unknown artists, if you can help check them and let me know.

The second is the long awaited Best of the Rest section. Every single one of the 19 mergers made by Buster, Whizzer & Chips and Whoopee are covered by looking individually at the best and the worst from each comic. I should point out, that all of the opinions are my own - but if you disagree please feel free to use the forum to object....that's what it's there for!

I came up with the rather ambitious idea of listing the appearances of every single one of the Buster comics this week. Still not sure if/how it would work, but it may be something to look forward to for the start of 2006.

Our quest to beat all other Buster sites (sorry Paul, ;-) continues. I'm still looking for images and storylines to many of the strips in the A to Z and don't forget if you can provide details of any of the free gifts, please send them to me....I already have a few updates ready to go next week.

The e-mail address, as always is

Update 22nd August 2005

It's finally here. The forum has arrived. I've been recieving many e-mails I'm unable to give a proper answer to. So, I'm hoping to lure over some intelligent people who can reply to your every question.

And it's not just about Buster - we've got special areas for all of the other Fleetway faves too. And if you want to kill time visit the chatter forum and play some games or recommend websites and the like. Head over there now (Forum opens in a new window) - you don't even have to be a member to post!!!!

Update 6th August 2005

What do Hit Kid, Birdman & Chicken, Handy Andy and Scaredy Cat all have in common.

They are all quoted as being new strips to debut in Buster by The Buster Index - but then so are hundreds of others. What makes these strips special is that they actually made their first appearence in Krazy.

Krazy launched in October 1976 and ran for 18 months to April 1978 when it merged with Whizzer & Chips. Annuals were produced for some time afterwards, and it was in a copy of the 1980 Krazy annual that I found all of these characters. I imagine that when these strips made it to Buster they were seems the reprint stage of Buster began a lot earlier then I imagined.

On the subject of Krazy, Fleetway fans will probably remember that one of the members of The Krazy Squad, went on to get a comic of his own - Cheeky which began in October 1977 and ended in February 1980 - running 10 months longer then the comic he began in. Cheeky merged with Whoopee.

Also, co-incidentally, one of the 1979 Cor!! stories of Ivor Lott and Tony Broke also appears in the 1988 Christmas Buster and was later reprinted in the 1990s.

And finally, years before Whizzer and Chips readers knew him as Super Steve, the superhero also appeared in Krazy as Buytonic Boy. Ahhh, the things you can discover with a few choice purchases off Ebay.

All of these fascinating stats have given me the boost to begin the Best of the Rest section which will go up in the next few weeks. The idea being I'll take each of the comics from the Buster & Whizzer and Chips tree and give you some idea who came from what and where?

This should get underway soon, particularly seeing that our new section studying the Features of Buster is now complete. This new section looks at The Letter's Page, The Jokes and many other popular features.

Update 30th July 2005

More new pictures as the first of the comics from 88 & 89 arrive. They are My "Dad" Mum, School Funds, The Dummy, Weedy Willy, Birdman & Chicken, Roys Toys, and Bobby's Hobbies.

Plus, we now have a synopsis for the 1989 strip Save Our Stan thanks to Kevin for this.

More comics on the way so hopefully a few more title boxes to come - plus our first feature on the Letter's page should be completed in early August.

Update: 29th July 2005

The arrival of the 1962 annual has allowed me to add some more title boxes into the A to Z. They are Bam, Splat and Blooie, Black Axe, Charlie Drake, Dumbell Fumblebee and his Loopy Listeners, Elmer, Milkiway, Odd Job Bob, Phantom Force Five, The Terrors of Tornado Street and Whacko.

I've got some comics from the late 80s on the way which should give us more soon. Keep Checking back!

Update: 27th July 2005

It's been a long while coming - Just ask Peter Hansen! Two weeks ago he sent me pictures and descriptions of Buster Free Gifts and I never got around to sorting it. But it's finally arrived. There's a few of the very first gifts and pictures included, plus I've added some detail about the last few gifts too. The beginning and end is done - just got to work on the middle.

Incidentally, if anyone can help with pictures of free gifts - please e-mail

I've had a synopsis of Save our Stan come through, that will go up shortly. I've also had a successful stint on Ebay. A copy of the 1964 Annual (the first one) A selection of other Fleetway Annuals plus some comics from the 80s (one of which should have the second Save Our Stan Episode).

Finally, if anyone is after Whizzer & Chips Annuals - I've got three up on Ebay at the moment which have been duplicated in my collection. They can be found here

That's all for now - more soon!

Update: 12th July 2005

Small update to the History of Buster and Mergers adding links to the strips mentioned and upating some minor details that were incorrect. Also added a great quote from Ray Moore on the 1990s page, so go and read it!!

Update: 11th July 2005

Massive overhaul in the spin-offs section which I hope you like. All the sections are complete with just a little bit of missing information. It coincides with completion of the Supplements section as well, completing the early research tasks.

Coming soon we'll be getting the long awaited features section online. Full details of the Letter's page plus some very interesting details about prizes. Incidentally, in the mid 80s I've just discovered you could have won T Shirts for getting a letter in Buster. Did you get one? Have you got a picture? E-mail if you think you can help!

Update: 27th June 2005

A few pictures added to some of the A to Z strips - all of the I's are on. Don't forget if you can help with this massive task, e-mail

Update: 22nd June 2005

The A to Z is almost done. Every strip listed in The Buster Index has now been inserted, but there are still one or two I need to work on. a lot of what's left are part of the Crazy Characters series, the characters of which, aren't listed individually in the guide. Others include one or two one off strips which I've got to get dates from.

So that's today's task. I've been up to the loft, got everything Buster down, and I'm reorganising it so I have a better reference guide. This should help me complete the A to Z and also set off with some of the features. Coming soon we'll be having a special guide to all the big features in Buster including meet the artists, the letters page, and more.

Oh yeah, and whilst going through things yesterday, I found more free gift details so my gap now currently runs from January 1995 to October 1995. If you can help with that, please do!!

Update: 7th June 2005

The A to Z is metamorphisising. We have every Advenutre and Text story listed, with the Comic Strips to go. Working on this shouldn't take too long, so hopefully by the end of the month we'll be done.

Just because the strips are done, doesn't mean everything is complete. I still needed scans of title headers and story synopses for a lot of the strips so please if you think you can help get in touch.

After this, I'll be dealing with the Spin Offs sections then the Inserts, then some of the free gifts. If this all goes to plan then I may well create the Best of the Rest section - but priorities first!

Update: 30th May 2005

Well, sadly the Comic Fair wasn't as productive as I hoped. Not much in the way of Buster stuff unless you wanted to buy the comics, and me being a well known disaster area I wouldn't trust myself!!! However, did get a few more Annuals, Shiver & Shake 77 & 82, then Knockout, Whopee, & Jackpot 1982 and Cor! 84.

It'll be a bit of help with some of the A to Z stuff and it's perhaps inspired me to work on a best of the rest section, some of the top characters from the other comics. That's a fair bit down the line though. Anyway, the A to Z should develop soon, complete with the full listing as displayed in the Buster Index. So look out for that coming during June!!!

Update: 25th May 2005

Another Ebay find...just recieved a copy of The Buster Book of Thrills, a fantastic book. Hopefully this will find its way into the spin offs section soon. Made back in 1962 so I'm very lucky to find a good quality copy.

Incidentally, on Sunday I'm heading off to a Comic Fair in Russell Square in London. I've never been to anything like this before, so I'm not sure what to expect, but I'm hoping I can find some good quality bargins, if not so rare finds.

Finally, damn you (whoever you are) the person who won the Buster Badge on Ebay....had I not been eating dinner it would've been mine!!!!

Update: 8th May 2005

What a find! Ebay brings up some amazing things from time to time and this is one of them, particularly seeing as I had no Idea it existed. I have just recieved a copy of The Buster Index - a complete list of strips, free gifts, supplements, spin-offs and much more from May 1960 to 1995 - the 35th Anniversary of the comic.

It now means things will accelerate very quickly. Hopefully over the next month or so, each strip in the A to Z will at list have artist details and start and end dates. I now have much more information to work on the Free Gifts section and the spin offs. Things are about to get busy here - so keep checking back.

Update: 30th January 2005

So things are once again underway, although it will be some time before we get any new pictures and things. I'm systematically going through the sections seeing what needs to be updated. Thanks to those of you who have e-mailed missing titles for the A-Z, I should be adding them some time today. Hopefully the next bit will be the spin offs, with more information there.....if anyone knows anything about anything then please do get in touch.

Update: 2nd June 2004

After a busy May doing everything but working on the website, normal service has been resumed. I'm currently looking into the A to Z and hopefully towards the end of this week I'll get a brand new strip on there!

May wasn't totally wasted, though! Over the course of the month, I was lucky enough to purchase about 25 annuals, ranging from Whizzer and Chips to Shiver and Shake, Cor! and even Wow! These will be of great use, and I'm already beginning to find some early strips from our favourtie Buster characters.

Update:27th April 2004

Tom Fug woz 'ere. Or at least Tom Thug creator Lew Stringer was. He signed our guestbook! Thanks for visiting us Lew!

Update: 21st April 2004

Yes it's been quite on the site recently. Combination of busy work schedule and my Birthday!

A man called Martin Morgan intially agreed to give me an insight into the world of Buster back in March. However, I never heard anything. I chased him up last week, and I'm still waiting for a reply. Hopefully, sometime soon!

Just won a HUGE amount of annuals on Ebay over the last week. No Buster's, but other Fleetway greats like Whizzer and Chips and Cor!! When these come through I'll recommence work on the A to Z with some more background information from where the strips orignated.

Have also won more Comic Libraries and a Best of Buster Monthly, so hopefully work will pick up on the Spin Offs soon. With regards to the Free Gifts, it could be static there for a while. Hopefully, Martin Morgan will let me know some of the information I need.

In the meantime, if you can provide any information, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm looking for stuff on the following:

Strip Headers for the A to Z

Information on some of the Spin Off Comics

Insert Information/Pictures

Any other information you think might be useful.

All work provided will be credited to you. I'm also looking to get the guestbook going, so visit that here. You're more then welcome to leave thoughts and memories. Also, let me know your birthday and I'll put you down on Buster Birthdays in B-Mail Finally, if your name is Martin Morgan, and you are working for Fleetway, please e-mail/phone me!

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