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Issue Number/Date: 20th September 1986
Free Gift: None
Inserts: None
Price: 24p

Strips At A Glance

Front Page) Buster
Pg 1) Young Arfur
Pg 2) Prambo
Pg 3) Cliff Hanger
Pg 4) Good Guy
Pg 5) Fright School
Pg 6) Fright School cont.
Pg 7) Faceache
Pg 8) Advert for Ready Brek
Pg 9) The Winners
Pg 10) Free Gift Announcement
Pg 11) It's a Nice Life
Pg 12) It's a Nice Lif cont.
Pg 13) Buster's Jackpot Jokes
Pg 14) Sqworm
Pg 15) School Team
Pg 16) Lil Bruvver
Pg 17) Melvyn's Mirror
Pg 18) Chalky
Pg 19) Top Of The Class
Pg 20) Top Of The Class cont and Puzzle Challenge
Pg 21) Walt Teaser
Pg 22) Mummy's Boy
Pg 23) Jack Pott
Pg 24) Transformers Advert
Pg 25) X Ray Specs
Pg 26) X Ray Specs cont. & W&C/Whoopee Monthly advert
Pg 27) School Belle
Pg 28) Do Me A Favour Buster
Pg 29) Ivor Lott & Tony Broke
Pg 30) Ivor Lott & Tony Broke cont.
Back Pg) Buster cont.

Front Page:


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Page 1: Young Arfur

Arfur's mates are avoiding him.This Story in Full

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Page 2: Prambo

Prambo resists against bedtime. This Story in Full

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Page 3: Cliff Hanger

Episode 166: Cliff meets the Puzzler. This Story in Full

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Page 4: Good Guy

Finder's Keepers tries to make Guy keep a dog. This Story in Full

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Page 5: Fright School

The Evil Ones set a Giant Ape on the school. This Story in Full

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Page 6: Fright School cont.

The school starts falling apart! This Story in Full

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Page 7: Faceache

Faceache causes chaos at a fair. This Story in Full

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Page 8: Ready Brek Advert

The ad reads "Glow For It! Collect Glo Slogans Free inside every Ready Brek pack. And you could win a Pye Red Box TV.

Ready Brek's crazy Glo slogans really do glow in the dark. There are 48 to collect, 8 in each pack, including one you can complete with your own glowingly witty Glo' Slogan. And if you're a really bright spark, your Glo' Slogan could win you one of 60 Pye Red Box TVs! See out pack for details.

Slogans shown include, This Way Up, Beam me up Spotty, Canary for Sale, I'm Potty (trained!) and Humpty Dumpty was pushed! The slogan reads Ready Brek - Get up and glow.

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Page 9: The Winners

The Winners try their luck in an arcade. This Story in Full

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Page 10: Free Gift Advert

The page reads Free Gift Next Week in Buster issue dated 27th September 1986. Buster fun wallet. It's Crazy! with 32 joke riddles.
There's a picture of Bustr holding the wallet, the same as next week's front page (to be uploaded soon).

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Page 11: It's A Nice Life

Homes & Castles wants to photograph the Jones' This Story in Full

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Page 12: It's a Nice Life cont.

Stan & Babs try to help out getting the place tidy. This Story in Full

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Page 13: Buster's Jackpot Jokes

Each winner gets 2 and an all weather Snow, Sand and Grass sledge go to:

Katherine Harrold from Guilford
Andrew Kinnear in Enfield
Julian Charlton from Fishtoft
Emma House in Southwick
Michelle Howell in Earith
Patrick Dunican from Birr
Susan Greener from Shiney Row
And Gavin Smith in Stoke Gren

The top prize of 5 and an all weather snow, sand and grass sledge goes to Nicola Pitman from Burgess Hill

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Page 14: Sqworm

Sqworm tries to make himself at home in a prison garden.This Story in Full

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Page 15: School Team

The Tean are in Japan. This Story in Full

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Page 16: Lil Bruvver

Lil Bruvver accompanies Sis and Wally on a trip to the Countryside! This Story In Full

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Page 17: Melvyn's Mirror

Melvyn & Reflection get into trouble in the park. This Story in Full

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Page 18: Chalky

Chalky helps a friend with a birdwatching project. This Story in Full

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Page 19: Top of the Class

The Scruffs try to bunk off school. This Story in Full

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Page 20: Top of The Class cont. and Puzzle Challenge.

The School Inspector pays a surprise visit. This Story in Full

Also on this page is the Top of the Class Puzzle Challenge. There's two boxes of pictures of words that sound similar, and you have to match them. The Scruffs words are Gambol and Gamble, Ruff and Rough, Shake and Sheik and Wait and Weight. The Toffs words are Quay and Key, Bough and Bow, Brake and Break and Sail and Sale.

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Page 21: Walt Teaser

Walt spots Barry with a love letter. This Story in Full

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Page 22: Mummy's Boy

Mummy goes on the rampage against a loud football match. This Story in Full.

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Page 23: Jack Pott

Jack bets on rock throwing into a river. This Story in Full

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Page 24: Transformers Advert

This advert shows Springer, good natured on the outside but don't be deceived. First he's a car, then he's a helicopter and finally he's a ferocious warrior. New Triple changers are in the shops now, 6 in total. The other Transformers are shown. They are Broadside - Jet, Aircraft Carrier, Robot. Always Complaining. Sandstorm, Helicopter, Buggy, Robot. Totally Fearless. Astrotrain, Space Shuttle, Train, Robot. Causes Utter Mayhem. Octane, Tanker, Jet, Robot. Picks on Small Autobots. And Blitzwing, Tank, Plane, Robot =. Lethal with a capital L. The toys are made by Hasbro Wokingham, Berkshire.

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Page 25:X Ray Specs

Ray's Specs get him into trouble on a train. This Story in Full

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Page 26: X Ray Specs cont. and W&C/Whoopee Monthly Advert

Ray suffers from bad eyesight. This Story In Full

Also on this page is an advert for The Best of Whizzer & Chips Monthly and the Best of Whoopee Monthly both on sale Now. The caption means Double the Fun (the word double is printed twice creating a double vision effect). Interestingly, The Best of W&C is the Sept 86 version with Junior Rotter on the front page, whilst the Best of Whoopee Monthly is Oct 86 with Sweeny Toddler.

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Page 27: School Belle

Belle & Glenda are getting presents from people's summer holidays. This Story in Full

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Page 28: Do Me A Favour Buster

Each letter published this week gets a Buster Sports Cap and an all Weather Snow, Sand and Grass Sledge.

Rhiannon McLeand from Kilgetty points out that in a recent letter where Buster was asked to list the names of all the Temptation LTD characters (from Good Guy) he missed Baron Bratski who appeared in the 1985 annual.
Matthew Shorter from Spixworth points out that he saw Buster in a rack at the front of Arkwright's shop in BBC Comedy Open All Hours
Andrew Cope from Kingsway asks for the address of Tottenham Hotspur - his favourite football club. Buster rplies 748 High Road, Tottenham, London N17.
And Michelle Wittingham from Sydenham rates her top ten Buster strips, first for stories then for artwork. Her list is:
School Belle 10/10, Buster 10/9.5, The Winners 8.5/9, School Team 9/9.5 Chalky 8/9, Top of the Class 8.5/9, Jack Pott 9/8.5, X Ray Specs 9/8, Fright School 8.5/8.5 and Mummy's Boy 7/8.

Also on this page is the Top of the Class Puzzle Answers, Cliff Hanger result a Chewits Free Comics Token and and advert for Free Football Programmes and Free Collectors Kit.

There's also a Happy Birthday to Iain Waring from Coio for Septembr 17th and Tim Sevill from Audlem whose birthday is 18th September. Ther's also a tag on the bottom of the page saying "Who is Blub The Sub? He'll be here soon!

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Page 29: Ivor Lott & Tony Broke

Milly is bragging about going to a posh all girls boarding school. This Story in Full

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Page 30: Ivor Lott & Tony Broke cont.

Milly's father becomes broke! This Story in Full

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Back Page: Buster cont.

Buster's got a new camera! This Story in Full

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