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Issue Number/Date: 6th September 1986
Free Gift: None
Inserts: None
Price: 24p

Strips At A Glance

Front Page) Buster
Pg 1) School Belle
Pg 2) Prambo
Pg 3) Cliff Hanger
Pg 4) Good Guy
Pg 5) Fright School
Pg 6) Fright School cont.
Pg 7) X Ray Specs
Pg 8) X Ray Specs cont. & Buster Jogging Suits Order Form
Pg 9) The Winners
Pg 10) Pete's Pop-Up Book
Pg 11) Young Arfur
Pg 12) Lil Bruvver
Pg 13) Buster's Jackpot Jokes
Pg 14) Sqworm
Pg 15) Ivor Lott & Tony Broke
Pg 16) Ivor Lott & Tony Broke cont.
Pg 17) School Team
Pg 18) Chalky
Pg 19) Top Of The Class
Pg 20) Top Of The Class cont and Puzzle Challenge
Pg 21) Walt Teaser
Pg 22) Faceache
Pg 23) Mumy's Boy
Pg 24) Hubba Bubba & BMX Oil Adverts
Pg 25) It's A Nice Life
Pg 26) It's A Nice Life cont.
Pg 27) Jack Pott
Pg 28) Do Me A Favour Buster
Pg 29) The Terror Toys
Pg 30) The Terror Toys cont. & Advert for Melvyn's Mirror
Back Pg) Buster cont.

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Page 1: School Belle

Belle performs a Balloon Dance at the School Concert This Story in Full

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Page 2: Prambo

Sylvester goes for a ride on a ghost train. This Story in Full

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Page 3: Cliff Hanger

Episode 164: It's Cliff's last day on holiday, but it's so cold outside he watches TV This Story in Full

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Page 4: Good Guy

Big T takes on Guy. This Story in Full

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Page 5: Fright School

The class try to cool down after some hard work. This Story in Full

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Page 6: Fright School cont.

The Class find a swimming pool. This Story in Full

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Page 7: X Ray Specs

Ray takes part in a magic show. This Story in Full

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Page 8: X Ray Specs cont. and Buster Jogging Suit order form.

Ray upsets the magician. This Story in Full

Also on this page is an order form for a Buster Jogging Suit. Colours available are Grey, Pink and Blue. The Fabric content is 50% Acrylic/ 50% Cotton Fleece. The prices are 7.95 for Sizes 22" & 24". 8.50 for 26" & 28" and 8.95 for 30" & 32"

You can order them from R.S. Sports in East Kilbride, Scotland.

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Page 9: The Winners

The Winners go horse racing. This Story in Full

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Page 10: Pete's Pop-Up Book

Pete gets flown away by a plane! This story in full

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Page 11: Young Arfur

Arfur and his mates head off to play in the park. This Story in Full

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Page 12: Lil Bruvver

In a Brand New Strip Sis and Wally are left Babysitting. This Story in Full

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Page 13: Buster's Jackpot Jokes

Each winner gets 2 and an all weather Snow, Sand and Grass sledge go to:

Dean Hurst from Heckmondwike
Emma Cocker in Chesterfield
Rachael Priest from Warley
Gunther Reepschlager from Cwmduad
Joanne Corrigan in Edenthorpe
David Jones from Romford
Jimmy Brow in Lanark
And Trevor Tolhurst from Benenden.

The top prize of 5 and an all weather snow, sand and grass sledge goes to George Cockerill in Cheltenham.

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Page 14: Sqworm

Two bank robbers try to get Sqworm to break into a safe. This Story in Full

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Page 15: Ivor Lott & Tony Broke

Ivor and Milly replace old things with new. This Story in Full

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Page 16: Ivor Lott & Tony Broke

Mr Lott isn't too happy! This Story In Full

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Page 17: School Team

The team take part in a surfboard contest. This Story in Full

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Page 18: Chalky

Chalky has a falling out with a removal man! This Story in Full

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Page 19: Top of the Class

The Toffs want to take part in a project to impress teacher. This Story in Full

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Page 20: Top of The Class cont. and Puzzle Challenge.

The Scruffs set the Toffs up! This Story in Full

Also on this page is the Top of the Class Puzzle Challenge. There's 7 animals in a box (a Goose, Hare, Warthog, Donkey, Cat, Duck, Swan, and Elephant). You have to match 5 female names to them and 5 male names to them. The female names are Sow, Pen, Filly, Gander and Doe. The Male names are Drake, Colt, Cob, Tom, and Bull. And if you actually understood the're a better person then me!

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Page 21: Walt Teaser

Simon La Blob is in town, and Walt's winding up his female fans! This Story in Full

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Page 22: Faceache

Faceache helps a kid get his paddling pool back! This Story in Full.

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Page 23: Mummy's Boy

Angel is playing football. This Story in Full

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Page 24: Hubba Bubba & BMX Oil adverts

Half of this page is dedicated to an advert for Hubba Bubba Gum. A short rhyme that reads; "Merlin could do a wonderful trick, blowing bubbles that wouldn't stick. In original flavour and lemon too, Strawberry, Orange, Apple - quite a few. King Arthur found out and thought it was curious, First he was envious, then he was furious! So the wizard gave him some to try, And Arthur was shortly heard to sigh. "Who needs Excalibur, throw it back! I'd rather have a single pack, Of the greatest treasure I've ever found" That's why King Arthur's table is round!

The other half of the page is an advert for BMX Oil. It reads, "The more you put your bike through the more you need 3-in-one BMX Oil." You can really put your bike through its paces now. Thanks to 3-in-One BMX Oil. It has a special formula that'll keep your bike's parts in working order however badly you treat it.This is because it's a stronger lubricant and thicker than other oils. You'll find it dead easy to use without being messy, too. It has an extension tuble fitted onto the aerosol nozzle. So you can apply it accurately and not waste any. Go for it lads. You'll soon make a big impression with your mates."

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Page 25:It's A Nice Life

Ollie and Margaret head off to the river for some fishing. This Story in Full

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Page 26: It's A Nice Life cont.

Stan and Babs join Ollie and Margaret. This Story In Full

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Page 27: Jack Pott

Smarty Boswell takes the fun out of betting. This Story in Full
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Page 28: Do Me A Favour Buster

Each letter published this week gets a Buster Sports Cap and an all Weather Snow, Sand and Grass Sledge.

Simon Carter from Gawthorpe has drawn a picture of the Evil Ones for Fright School
Michael Jackson says he thinks he has the most famous name of all of the Buster Readers - but Buster points out he forgot to inclue his address!
Andrew Muggeridge in Harlow asks where he can find out more information about becoming a civil airlines pilot. Buster includes the address for British Airways!
There's a Chewits Free Comics Token, and a note to say Free Comics application forms are available at most large newsagents.
Plus Birthdays for Kathryn Connolly from Santry Eire who shares her birthday on the 6th September with comedian Bernie Winters =. She gets a Buster Cap as a pressie!
There's also the Cliff Hanger Result and an ad for Jokes for Pranksters.

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Page 29: The Terror Toys

Tim & Susan have got theh toymaker behind bars. This Story in Full

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Page 30: The Terror Toys cont. and advert for Melvyn's Mirror

Tim and Susan finish off the Pig money box. This Story in Full

Also on this page is a quarter page advert for Melvyn's Mirror It reads, Step Inside Melvyn's Mirror...where things definitely aren't what they seem! Starts Next week in Buster. There's an image of Melvyn going into his mirror saying, Okay Reflection, Here I come!

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Back Page: Buster cont.

Buster thinks there's an alien invasion! This Story in Full

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