SOS - Save Our Stan

Launched: 5th August 1989

Ended: 16th December 1989

Comic Launched In: Buster

Other Comics: Reprints from Monster Fun

Artwork: Nick Baker

This strip was all about Stan Stilton, who was a somewhat hapless secret agent who worked for D.R.A.I.N (Department for the Removal of All Infernal Nuisances) He was sent on deadly missions but usually got caught by a gang of identical attired enemy spies in trilby hats, dark glasses, false beards and macs
- Gruesome Gannet Gunge & Co from Episode 2
At the end of each story Stan was captured by the enemy, tied up and about to face an exotic “James Bond” style demise and it was up to the reader to solve the puzzle at the bottom of the page. He also had an assistant called Charlie, a boy on a bike who was the brains of the outfit.

In one puzzle; Stan had been captured again and was in the spy’s castle dungeon, he was tied to a bench and about to encounter the business end of a giant drill, to reach Stan there was a maze that you had a time limit to reach him. The above puzzle from Episode 2 is to free Stan & Charlie from a room that was rapidly filling with water. Start with the P in the bottom left corner and use only a knight's move (chess) to spell out four words that say how to Save Our Stan. (I think it's something about pulling the plug but I can't work it out!)

Initially printed in Monster Fun, this strip was probably reprinted as a replacement for Cliff Hanger who had encountered the Evil Spies for the final time a few years back this strip was sadly short lived

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