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Our links page is expanding. Thanks to everyone who has contacted us with their sites. If you want your site added to this page then e-mail All we ask in return is that you add a link to us.

In the meantime, check out the very best of the web - pick a section:

Auction Sites
Other Comic Links
Artist Links

Auction Sites

The original auction site, always loads of Fleetway Memoribilia up here.

26 Pigs
With a name like 26 pigs, you'd be forgiven for assuming it's something to do with Oink! But it isn't (as such). 26 Pigs is a cross between Fleetway Street and Ebay. On one side you have the library, a resource of information covering comics such as Buster, The Big One, Big Comic Fortnightly and all of the other Fleetway comics. On the other side you have the auction, a chance to bid for comics and comic memorabilia. But if you don't fancy bidding, you can just buy with thousands of items available online at very reasonable prices. All in all, a top site for any comic fan.

Scarce Comics
The latest addition to the world of comics, Scarce Comics is similar to 26 pigs with a chance for you to buy comics somewhere other then Ebay. Lots of great Fleetway stuff up there, pluss some DC Thompson for those of you who like the lesser comics!

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Other Comic Links

Comics UK
Comics UK is probably the most comprehensive comic site on the net. So much work has gone into this site covering not just Fleetway comics, but everything else as well! Extensive family trees, comic histories and just about every picture you could ask for its well worth checking out. Comics UK is also responsible for the inspiration and many of the comic cover scans for this site, and for that we are truely grateful!

Fleetway Street
This is the part of the Toonhound site dedicated to the Fleetway Empire. Fleetway Street is another fantastic place to relive your memories. Covering School Fun, Siver and Shake, Jackpot, Krazy, Whoopee!, Monster Fun, Wow and Whizzer and Chips, Fleetway Street is also responsible for and archive of over a hundred strips that cover the above plus Cor!! and Buster. Fleetway Street is also partly responsible for the inspiration for this site, and again we are grateful!

British Comics
A fantastic site covering a wide range of comics including Fleetway. Nice history links, well worth a visit!

The Book Palace
I've recently discovered this and it's great. You can find out more about Comics and Annuals you are looking for, as well as special stuff, like The Buster Comic Index I bought from Ebay recently. It's a great site for comic fans old and new, and well worth a good look around.

Oink! Online
An online version of the Oink comic bringing back those memories of yesteryear. If you wondered what all the fuss was about - go check it out!

Vintage Magazine Archive
If you're trying to trace old comics, and having no luck on Ebay, then take a look at these guys. There's lots to choose from, and not just Fleetway either. DC Thompson and Marvel comics are also up for sale. They're happy to help with your queries too, and can arrange appointments to help you trawl the archives. Well worth checking out if you're serious about comic research.

Starscape Comic
Thanks to Chris for letting me know about this. A Buster Classic the Leopard of Lime Street is currently being reprinted in Starscape comic which launched in December 2003. It is available to subscribers and as well as Billy Farmer's adventures, all new characters appear, plus a strip written and drawn by Bob Monkhouse. Worth checking out, it even has a Leopard of Lime Street Screensaver, perfect for any Farmer Fans! Plus, Chris' own Comic Shop has original Fleetway artwork for sale. At the time of checking Mummy's Boy and Chalky were up for sale!!!

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Artist Links

Lew Stringer
Lew was the man behind Tom Thug, the brainless bully who's had just about as many trips to Blackpool as me! It's good to know Lew is still working in artwork, currently working on Toxic comic and the Ronald McDonald magazine! Lew has also visited our site and approves it. See the Guestbook for his comment!

J. Edward Oliver
JEO's official site, the creator of classics Mastermind, Cliff Hanger and Crazy Maisie. This is the guy who bought Buster to a close in style! There's a fantastic picture of JEO's comic work here too. When you get to the homepage, select the J Edward Oliver link (far left), then JEO's other work, then comics. It's a collaboration of all his work.

The Peter Gray Comic Empire
Peter Gray. Artist Extrodinaire and huge fan of comics. The above link takes you to his own work. But he's also done numerous sites for comic artists, all of which merged on the demise of Geocities in 2009. You can find his comics blog here

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