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Issue Number/Date: 1st June 1985
Free Gift: None
Inserts: None
Price: 22p

Strips At A Glance

Front Page) Buster
Pg 1) Ivor Lott & Tony Broke with Milly O'Naire & Penny Less
Pg 2) Ivor Lott & Tony Broke with Milly O'Naire & Penny Less cont.
Pg 3) Cliff Hanger
Pg 4) Chalky
Pg 5) KP Twirlers Competition
Pg 6) Buster's Jackpot Jokes
Pg 7) Mummy's Boy
Pg 8) Test Yourself and Advert for Yamaha Portable Keyboards
Pg 9) The Winners
Pg 10) Young Arfur
Pg 11) School Team
Pg 12) School Team cont and Advert for Fleetway Holiday Specials
Pg 13) It's a Nice Life
Pg 14) It's a Nice Life cont.
Pg 15) B'ware Caretaker
Pg 16) B'ware Caretaker cont.
Pg 17) Teachers United
Pg 18) School Belle
Pg 19) Top Of The Class
Pg 20) Top Of The Class cont and Advert For BMX Bi-Weekly
Pg 21) Walt Teaser
Pg 22) Jack Pott
Pg 23) Faceache
Pg 24) Advert For Mr Freeze Ice Lollies
Pg 25) X Ray Specs
Pg 26) X Ray Specs cont. and Bubblicious Bubble Gum Competition
Pg 27) Good Guy
Pg 28) Wonder Wellies
Pg 29) Do Me A Favour Buster
Pg 30) Do Me A Favour Buster cont.
Back Page) Buster cont.

Front Page:


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Page 1:Ivor Lott & Tony Broke with Milly O'Naire & Penny Less

Tony and Penny are admiring posters. This Story in Full

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Page 2: Ivor Lott & Tony Broke with Milly O'Naire & Penny Less cont

A giant bar of chocolate leads Ivor and Milly to appear in a poster of their own – a wanted poster. This Story in Full

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Page 3: Cliff Hanger

Episode 98 Cliff goes to see a magician. This Story in Full

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Page 4: Chalky

Chalky tries to earn some extra pocket money by chalking spiders. This Story in Full

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Page 5: Twirlers Competition

Buster has teamed up with KP to give one winner a lorry load of Twirlers and cases of Twirlers for 50 runners up. The competition consists of two parts. Firstly to decipher the flavours of crisps then match them with the packet colours.

The colours are Pink, Red and Green

The flavours are

BCONA – Bacon
CAHEIOSDENENON – Cheese and Onion
OPCICKRATWALN – Prawn Cocktail

The closing date was Wednesday 12th June 1985

The first prize was awarded to the neatest correct entry with age taken into account. Parents had to sign to verify it was the entrants unaided work.

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Page 6: Buster's Jackpot Jokes

Each winner received a £2 prize

Matthew Fletcher in Bournemouth
Jason Lawton in Hipperholme
Brigid Browne in Plymstock
David Gooby from Poole
Anne Casson in Tonbridge
Neil Nebensnwick from Rothley
Michelle Stevens in Kidderminster
And Julie Clark in East Ham.

Receiving the top prize of £5 was

Claire Roberts from Finham.

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Page 7: Mummy's Boy

Mummy takes Angelkins on a walk around the park. This Strip in Full

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Page 8: Test Yourself & Advert For Yamaha Portable Keyboards

Test Yourself – Are You a Sponger?

The advert reads Road jamming head twister, hip hopping, dream spinner, Earth tremor, crowd clamour, brain scanner, ear blamer, finger spanning breakin star. Going for a Yamaha.

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Page 9: The Winners

The Winners are tricked into entering a photo competition. This Story In Full

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Page 10: Young Arfur

Arfur gets people to attend his mates gig. This Story in Full

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Page 11: School Team

Headmaster enters the team into the Inter schools sponsored swim.This Story In Full

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Page 12: School Team Cont. & Advert for Holiday Specials

The team end up swimming to France. This Story in Full

Also on this page an advert for the Wow Holiday special and Buster Puzzle Holiday special both priced at 60p.

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Page 13: It's A Nice Life

Maddie wants to borrow the caravan wheels to decorate her home with. This Story in Full

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Page 14: It's A Nice Life Cont.

Maddie continues her quest to borrow the wheels. This Story in Full

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Page 15: B'ware Caretaker

The headmaster has caught a cold and B’ware tries to get the kids to take time off sick too. This Story in Full

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Page 16: B'ware Caretaker cont. & Advert for He-Man

But his plan backfires when he catches it instead. This Story in Full

Also on this page an Advert for the Masters of the Universe books published by Ladybird. The Adventure continues with He-man and Skeletor in a series of books priced just 75p.

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Page 17: Teachers United

The teachers are arriving at school but there’s a tragedy in store as the school kettle has a hole in it. This Story in Full

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Page 18: School Belle

Belle picks a date for the School Disco.This Story in Full

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Page 19: Top of the Class

The class take part in a survey about children’s likes and dislikes.This Story in Full

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Page 20: Top of the Class cont. & BMX Advert

The class end up doing more work because of the survey. This Story in Full

Also on this page an advert for Free stickes with BMX Bi-weekly. It’s a set of 12 colour British BMX All stars and starts in issue 10 on sale May 24th. There is also a giant wallchart in Issue ten too, then a free sticker every issue. Two examples are given of Mike Pardon and Tim March.

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Page 21: Walt Teaser

It’s Dad’s birthday and Walt winds him up about his age. This Story in Full

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Page 22: Jack Pott

Jack bets his homemade kite can stay in the air longer then a proper one.This Story in Full

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Page 23: Faceache

Someone has been stealing Matron’s biscuits. This Story in Full.

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Page 24: Advert For Mr Freeze

Advert for the new flavours of Mr Freeze ice lollies Blue Razzberry. Priced just 5p the new flavour joins the current ones of Cola, Orange, Strawberry and Lemon.

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Page 25: X Ray Specs

Ray uses his specs to get extra food. This Story in Full

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Page 26: X Ray Specs cont. & Bubblicious Bubble Gum Competition

Ray makes himself sick having eaten so much. This Story in Full.

Also on this page a competition to win a Super Home Disco Kit with Bubblicious. All you had to do was spot how many packets of gum were in the picture too win and complete a sentence in eight words or less. When Bubblicious Bubbles go Pop…..

The ten entrants who spot all the packets of gum and answer the question in the most amusing way will win a disco kit each.

I spotted eight packets – so I guess that’s the answer!

The closing date was 5th July.

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Page 27: Good Guy

Mischievous Mike tries to make Guy late for school. This Story in Full

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Page 28: Wonder Wellies

It’s school sports day and the Wellies stop someone cheating. This Story in Full

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Page 29: Do Me A Favour Buster

Each published letter wins a Buster Sports cap, plus a Clumsy Colin video game from Mastertronic.

James Wooldridge from Willoughby asks if Willy has a spare pair of Wellies for him
Rebecca Davoodbhoy in Strood asks if Buster can add some more quizzes and puzzles (which leads to another plug for the Buster Puzzle Holiday Special)
Craig Lindsay from Preston asks for the address of the Young Ornithologists Club
And Paul Bygrave from Norwich asks who the richest man in the world is

The Cliff Hanger Result, plus two adverts, one for Joke Shop by Post and another for the Complete Stamp Collectors Outfit.

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Page 30: Do Me A Favour Buster Cont.

Vincent Cavanagh from Liverpool comments that Good Guy was bad as recently he’d been asked to tidy his room because it was in a mess
Joanne Aspin from Pulloxhill adds to Buster’s list of names that fit he job – bank manager called Mr Money and two cashiers Mrs Copper and Mrs Shilling.
Una Dowling from Johnswell asks of a picture of Tom Selleck star of TV Adventure Magnum.

Plus a half page ad for next weeks free gift, a Weetabix Badge and the first part of a Buster souvenir booklet celebrating 25 years of the comic.

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Back Page: Buster

Buster’s off to play cricket. This Story in Full

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