The Best of The Rest

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Launched: 31st January 1987

Ended: 12th September 1987

Merged into: Buster

Annuals Released: 1988

My resources: The 1988 Annual

The characters that made it to Buster: Mighty Mouth, School Funds, My Dad Mum, Flapper, Brad Break, Strong Arm Command Kart, Nipper, Roy's Toys and Ricky Rainbow

The Best of the Rest:

The star of Nipper was, of course, Nipper, but he made it to Buster so lets take a look at those who were left behind:

Nursery Crimes - Basically if you act like a spoilt brat you'll pay the price, a kind of Kid's Court for Toddlers!
Kidder - Essentially another Walt Teaser, but the strips I read were very funny (sometimes better then Walt's)
Mini Monks - They hate noise, and will do anything to stop it
Disaster Des - Everytime he was near something would go wrong - always a very entertaining strip
First Time Fred - Bringing that first time for everything phrase to life
Will & Bill - Royal Will and Ordinary Bill, but in this one they get on, similar to Kid King

The Award for Most Promising Strip:

Will & Bill was a good take on a strip that had been done before, this time rich and not so rich got on, and learned from each other. Felix was also quite amusing, our superhero doesn't quite get it right but we have fun watching him try. But the best from Nipper has to be Nursery Crimes. We all know how toddlers can be, and bearing in mind Nipper was aimed at a much younger audience it was pretty genius taking the old Kid's Court idea and transforming it! Well done Frank McDiarmid

The Award for the Most Disappointing Strip:

Tub wasn't anything particularly special, whilst Frankie's Flashlight is one of those stories that seems a bit too familiar in the world of comics. But the worst from Nipper in my opinion is Blast & Bignoise. The Cassette Player is Big Noise and it changes into anything depending on what tape goes into the player. I s'pose it's a thing of the 80s, people walking around with stereo systems on their shoulder - but there were better strips that had inanimate objects changing into something else.

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