The A to Z of Buster - The Unknown

The Buster Index lists several strip with unknown can you help? If you can identify an artist, please e-mail

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Arnold Wartzonswetter
Bam, Splat & Blooie
Bobby Morane & The Crystal Towers
Boris & Shimmy
Brain Drayne
Brian's Bike
Captain Swoop
Champion The Wonder Horse
Cocky Doodle
Dr. Birdbrain Dumbell Fumblebee
Football Madd
The Gang Show
Goggle Box Gertie
Helicopter Hal
Hobby Hoss
Johnny All Alone
Jon of the Jungle
Keep Fit Fred
Loony Limericks
Lord Claude
Master-Mind (not the JEO one)
Mickey the Mimic
O to Z

Old Nick
Our Old Man's a Junkman
Patch Eye Hooker
Ridiculous Rhymes
Rocky Tupp
Scrapham Junction
Search for the Sorcerer's Treasue
Seeker From Space
Shercroc Homes
Sidney's Stately Home
The Speed Merchants
Starstruck Susie
Tatty Mane
Trail of the Twister
Uppsy Daisy
Wagon Train
Wally's Wierdies
Warlord of the Sioux
The Wild Bunch