The Leopard From Lime Street

Launched: 27th March 1976

Ended: 18th May 1985

Comic Launched In: Buster (Reprints of Mike Western 14th April - 27th October 1990)

Other Comics: None

Artwork: Mike Western (pencils) & Eric Bradbury(inks)/ Anon
Script - Tom Tully

The Synopsis

The Leopard from Lime Street was a story appearing regularly in Buster comic from 27 March 1976 to 18 May 1985 (whereupon it was repeated in colour). It was drawn in 'realistic' comic style, much like Marvel Comics's Spider-Man story (to which it bears numerous similarities), in direct contrast to the stylised cartoony style of the rest of Buster.

Billy Farmer lived with his Aunt Joan and Uncle Charlie in the fictional town of Selbridge. He was scratched by a radioactive leopard called 'Sheba' while taking photos at the local zoo for the school magazine, and thereafter gained leopard-like strength, speed, reflexes, and tree-climbing abilities. As with Spider-Man, while he's often fighting crime, he often sells photographs of himself to the local paper, using the money to support his frail aunt. Like Spiderman, the Leopardman is forever trying to convince the people of Selbridge that he is a hero, not a villain - not easy when you name yourself after a dangerous animal. Unlike Spider-Man, he has to contend with his violent, greedy and lazy uncle.

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