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Buster - Providing Laughs Since 1960

On the 21st May 1960, the first issue of Buster Comic arrived at Newsagents across the UK. It was the first comic since Fleetway took over Almalgamated Press and set up as a rival to Topper.

It was to be the first of a long line of comics which included the long running Whoopee and Whizzer & Chips, and the shorter lived comics like School Fun & Jet. Over the course of 30 odd years the comics came and went, leaving Buster on its own, coming to a close just shy of it's 40th Birthday.

Then nothing happened for three years, until a very early version of this site popped up in the former MSN Groups Network. In February 2004, launched, catapulting Buster back into the minds of its readers.

Now, fifty years on from that first issue it's time to celebrate, remember and continue learning about our favourite comic. One of the many exciting additions to the site is a selection of interviews with Buster Stars about life working on Fleetway's Biggest Comic. So far we've spoken to:

NEW! Ron "Nobby" Clark - The writer of the first Buster strip in an interview recorded by his son before Ron's death in 2009

Mark Bennington - Artist for the Crazy Characters, Blub The Sub, Memory Banks and Buster's Pals.
Plus writing credits for X Ray Specs & The Buster Title Strip.

Gordon Robson - Resize Artist & Letterer on the Buster and Whizzer & Chips Pocket Books

Allen Cummings - Fleetway employee from 1963 and the editor of Buster from 1981 to 1999

Jack Edward Oliver - Writer and artist for Mastermind, Cliff Hanger and Vid Kid (under the name Sue Denim)
in an interview for our former sister site before his death in 2007

Scott Goodall MBE - Writer for Fishboy, Marney the Fox and many more adventure strips through the 1970s.

Trevor Metcalfe - Artist for Junior Rotter and Our Great Grandpa plus many other strips for Fleetway Comics.

Lew Stringer - Artist for Tom Thug, Pete's Pimple and Specky Hector's History of Comics