Wonder Wellies

Launched: 17th September 1983

Ended: 26th September 1985

Comic Launched In: Buster

Other Comics: None

Artwork: David Fellows


Wonder Wellies were Buster born and bred. They belonged to Willie (yes, they were Willie's Wellies!) and hit the pages in September 1983. Initially just ordinary boots, they were given special powers in issue 1 by Professor Krankpot. He called Willie (who just happened to be passing by) and ask to borrow his Wellies as he'd run out of test tubes for turning apples into gold. This experiment, sadly, didn't work, however when Willie's Wellies were returned, they came to life and Willie ended up on his mum's kitchen ceiling.

These Wellies were something every kid dreamed of. They had the power to remove Willie from various scrapes he found himself in with their abilities to stretch, scoop and even fly off into the air. However, they were ever so slightly stubborn, which meant that the didn't always come to Willie's rescue, or do what Willie wanted.

Wonder Wellies was written by Roy Davis and drawn by Dave Follows. The strip receieved an award from the Cartoonist Club of Great Britain in 1983 for the most humourous comic strip. However, less then two years after it was born, Wonder Wellies were put to rest, with the last new strips appearing in the summer of 1985.

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