Mummy's Boy

Started in Buster: 6th November 1976

Ended: 12th September 1987

Comic Launched In: Monster Fun (Continued in Buster)

Other Comics: None

Artwork: Norman Mansbridge


The kind of kid who would get bullied at school, Mummy's Boy (who oddly enough, is thought to never have received a name in his 12 year run) was almost a teenager, but kept in a pram away from the bigger boys and any dangerous things.

Mummy's Boy yearned to be like the other children, climbing trees and playing football etc, but somehow his Mum wouldn't let him grow up. However, it often had its advantages. Mummy fussed so much, that in one strip her 'little angel' couldn't go to school because it was raining. Mummy's Boy was also whisked to somewhere snowy one Christmas so he could experience a white Christmas.

Mummy's Boy launched with Monster Fun, back in 1975 and when they merged with Buster it was an easy transition for a Fleetway fave. However, when Nipper pushed its way into Buster, Mummy's Boy lost out, leaving just reprints.

Mummy's Boy was drawn by Norman Mansbridge, who was the creator of other great strips like Fuss Pott and Wear 'Em Out Wilf.

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