The Mergers: Whizzer and Chips

The First Whizzer and Chips, October 1969

Whizzer and Chips was launched as two comics in one on the 18th October 1969.

Last Ever Knockout (top left), June 1973, Last Krazy (top right) April 1978 and first Whoopee! (above) March 1974

Over it's time Whizzer and Chips incorporated Knockout (June 1973), Krazy (April 1978) and Whoopee! (March 1985). Whoopee had itself taken over Shiver and Shake (October 1974), Cheeky (February 1980) and Wow! (June 1983).

Whoopee! with Shiver and Shake (left) October 1974, Cheeky (centre) February 1980 and Wow! (right) July 1983

The idea behing Whizzer and Chips was that readers would be on the side of either the Whizz-kids or Chipites, though very few did (except the characters!).

The final weekly Whizzer and Chips, October 1990

The big names from the comic included Sid's Snake, Odd Ball, Sweet Tooth, Joker, Shiner and Sammy Shrink.

Buster and Whizzer and Chips, December 1990

The last of the big Fleetway comics, it merged with Buster on the 3rd November 1990, although The Best of Whizzer & Chips Monthly Continued into the 90s.

Whizzer and Chips monthly, October 1992

Some of the strips that found their resting place in Buster included Joker, Sweeney Toddler, Odd Ball, Junior Rotter, Sid's Snake, Fuss Pot, and The Bumpkin Billionaires.

Meet The Best of the Rest From Whizzer & Chips

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