Fuss Pot

Launched: 3rd November 1990

Ended: 9th November 1999

Comic Launched In: Buster

Other Comics: Reprints from Whizzer & Chips (Originally from Fleetway's Knockout)

Artwork: Norman Mansbridge/Trevor Metcalfe


You don't want to mess with her! Fuss Pot was the most stuck up person in comics. She would demand only the very best from everything bossing her parents and teachers around so that everything was perfect.

Fortunately, she'd always get her come-uppance, but somehow she never ever learned her lesson. Years of fussing and come-uppances taught her nothing. Her poor parents tended to become exasperated by her fusiness but always managed to smirk when the tables were turned.

Fuss Pot actually goes back as far as the original Knockout comic which was incorporated by Valient back in 1963. Fuss Pot didn't survive that merger, but when Fleetway bought the comic and relaunched it in the 1970s, she returned and survived moves to Whizzer and Chips and then Buster.

Fuss Pot was mainly drawn Norman Mansbridge, the genius behind Mummy's Boy and Wear 'Em Out Wilf. She was even lucky enough to be seen in J. Edward Oliver's back page creation on the last ever Buster. Whilst Watford Gap (king of the rap) tried to find a word rhyming with oblige, Fuss Pot could be seen storming off. "I'm too fussy to appear in this comic!" were her final words!

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