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Launched: 18th October 1969

Ended: 27th October 1990

Merged into: Buster

Annuals Released: 1971 - 1994

My resources: Annuals 1973, 1975, 1977 - 1989, 1991 & 1994. Plus comics from 1989

The characters that made it to Buster: Deep Breath... Sweet Tooth, Store Wars, Junior Rotter, Joker, Sid's Snake Bobby's Ghoul, Memory Banks, Watford Gapp and Odd Ball all came direct from W&C, whilst Creepy Comix, Toy Boy, Sweeny Toddler, The Bumpkin Billionaires, and Fuss Pot, all passed through Whizzer & Chips from other comics. Plus there were several other strips reprinted across the years, including Slowcoach who was reprinted in School Fun and landed in Buster that way! *phew!*

The Best of the Rest:

Whizzer & Chips were rivals - lead by Sid's Snake and Shiner respectively. Whilst Sid made the switch, Shiner didn't. Whilst it would be impossible to list every good strip in the comic - there are some that deserve to be ringed as exceptional. They are:

The Ossies - a great strip from the 80s surrounding Naughty Norman and the Ossies
Cosmic Cafe - An Outer Space Cafe, good for a laugh
Captain Kid - The Pint-Sized Pirate who had his Mum as second in command
Tiny Tycoon - He's very good at making a lot of money
The Champ - JEO's great creation who is good at everything
Super Dad - The Tearaway son never quite works out it's his Dad who causes the probelms
Happy Families - Love this strip about the families that are always arguing
The Slimms - These parents struggling with their diet
The Drips - Making it rain indoors - why did these people not move to get away?
Super Store - Stocking everything you could possibly think of
Wear 'Em Out Wilf - Doesn't matter what it is, he can break it.
Duck Turpin - the baddest duck in the West

The Award for Most Promising Strip:

Hard choice but I think it would have to be one of the long running ones, so we're talking Odd Ball, Sid's Snake or Shiner. Then you've got all of those strips that merged with Whizzer & Chips that I've not mentioned! It's far too complicated to make that kind of decision on my own!

The Award for Most Disappointing Strip:

Tarman of the Jungle is a bit of a let down as is Timothy Tester who repeatedly wore things out by testing them. But at the Bottom (if you'll pardon the pun) is Bottom. Like many of the strips that have won this award, it isn't particularly bad - just incredibly repetitive. Also incredibly embarrassing for the Bottom in question!

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