The Mergers: Film Fun

Film Fun Issue 1 from January 1920

Film Fun launched on the 17th January 1920, running for 2225 issues. It was a weekly publication featuring Film Stars like Laurel and Hardyin comic strip form.

Picture Fun (left) from December 1914 and the first Kinema Comic (right) from April 1920

In it's 42 years it incorpotated 5 titles. Picture Fun in July 1930, Kinema Comic in October 1932 Film Picture Stories in February 1935, Illustrated Chips in September 1953 and Top Spot in January 1960.

Film Picture Stories (left) from November 1934 and the last ever Illustrated Chips (right) from September 1953

In June 1959 it changed it's title from Film Fun to Film Fun and Thrills.

Top Spot Issue 2, November 1958

The big names from Film Fun included Laurel and Hardy and Bruce Forsyth.

Film Fun merged with Buster on 22nd September 1962.

Characters that jumped to Buster included Bruce Forsyth and Nick Shannon.

Meet The Best of the Rest From Film Fun

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