The Mergers: The Big One

First Issue of The Big One, October 1964

The Big One was launched on 17th October 1964 billed was "Britain's Biggest Comic for Boys and Girls."

It didn't incorporate any other titles.

It was an experiment by Fleetway to produce a broadsheet sized comic. It also consisted almost entirely or reprints from other titles from the Fleetway empire. The exception to this was the character Big One, who appeared in 1965.

The big strips from the comic included Charlie Drake, Charlie Peace and Smiler.

Buster and Big One, February 1965

Big One merged with Buster after 19 issues on 27th February 1965.

Charlie Drake, Whacko, Maxwell Hawke and Charlie Peace were running in both Buster and The Big One when the merger happened. The strips that did move across were Sinbad Simms, and Smiler.

Meet The Best of the Rest from The Big One

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