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A Message from the Editor

Hello Pals,

Firstly, my apologies. It's been an awfully long time since I last properly stopped by to pay you the attention you deserve.

I am very grateful for the messages of support in the Guestbook you provide, and the e-mails that come through offering assistance, pictures and more.

When the site launched back in 2004, I was a part-time layabout with bags of time on his hands to invest in the site, and for a good six or seven years this place became a labour of love.

But things change, and for the last few years work has taken over and the free time I used to set aside for working on the site seemingly disappeared. On many occassions in the last few years, I've debated the future of this little corner of the internet, but the support both here and on Facebook have reminded me that the small cost of keeping the memory of Buster & its sister comics alive is worth it. Besides, so much is already here, it'd be a crime to take it all down.

With the ambition of managing expectations, particularly to those of you who have been in touch and heard nothing back, I've resolved that this will be the year we reach a compromise. Rest assured, will stay alive (huzzah!) However, for the forseeable future it will be an archive site. The sort of place that sits online, looks a little more old fashioned than its counterparts but provides a partially complete history of a once great comic dynasty.

Thank you again to everyone who has been in touch offering support, comics, images, and much more. I will attempt to load what I've got online at some point and I hope those of you who are stopping by for the first time aren't too disappointed to know that the incredibly ambitious page by page might never be completed.

And please continue to make use of the Facebook site for discussions, memories and cool pictures like Aimee's Buster tattoo!

Matt :~)

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