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Frequently Asked Questions

As anyone who has sent me an e-mail will know, it takes an age for me to reply!!! So don't grow old wondering....see if your question is here, hopefully it might help.

Where Can I Buy Old Comics/Annuals?

It's amazing how many people turf these out as junk! Comics and Annuals are frequently found among the pages of Ebay, as are free gifts, and other novelty bits and pieces. Ebay should always be your first call when looking for old comics/annuals, it gives you the chance to find a good bargin and still get what you want.

Secondally, anywhere else people take their junk. I know people who have found copies at Boot Sales, I've found copies in Charity Shops and school fetes too. It's a case of being on the ball. Having exhausted all my local charity shops, whilst on holiday in Torquay, I went into every charity shop I could find to see if people there had chucked one out.

The fact of the matter now, though, is Buster ended five years ago, and old comics are becoming more rare to find. If you can get hold of one you are lucky. If you have one that you are looking to get rid of, then keep reading this site. I'm hoping to set up a For Sale Board very soon!

Can you give me information about characters/artists etc?

Sadly, I am just a fan, like most of you. I have never worked for Fleetway, and my attempts to contact them are getting nowhere. All the information I have, comes from my own collections, visitors and one resource I do rely upon.

Al, over at comicsuk, has a fantastic library of work and also knows more about comics then me! I do recommend you contact him for historical details on strips, because if he doesn't know the answer, he'll know a website that does! Failing that keep searching, there are new websites appearing all the time. It's just a matter of using google to the best of its abilities.

Can I be of any use to the website?


This website needs input. Right now I'm looking for the following:

Title Boxes for the A to Z - scans of the titles for any strips that don't already have them
Profiles for the A to Z - a few paragraphs giving an outline of the synopsis of any of the A to Z strips
Free Gifts - Pictures of and Memories of the free gifts that currently have no link on the Free Gifts page
Comics - I am looking to purchase comics from the missing dates in the Page by Page section
Volunteers - If you have a stack of Buster's you don't want to ditch would you be willing to aid the Page by Page listings?

You can e-mail for more details of any of these projects.

Keep checking back for more FAQs, I'll update this as and when. For any further enquiries please contact me on the e-mail address above.

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