Artist: Dave Fellows
Type: Single Page
Printed in Issue: 29th December 1984

The Story

After Christmas Dinner Willie goes out for a walk to work up an appetite for tea. He sees Curly whilst he's out, but Curly's twin sisters are not happy. The Briggs Brothers flattened their snowman. Willie slips is Wellies off, and from Curly's shoulders designs a snowman on top of the Wellies

The bullies come along and seeing the new snowman they go to flatten it. However, the Wellies lift the new snowman into the air, and drop the mound of snow onto the Briggs Brothers. Finally, Willie begins to build a new snowman for Curly and his twin sisters.


The Wellies say that Willie had two helpings of pud and 4 mince pies for Christmas dinner.
Whilst he's not wearing his Wellies, Willie is sitting on Curly's shoulders.
Each picture box in the strip has holly at each corner and snow along the top