Artist: Ken Reid
Type: Single Page
Printed in Issue: 4th January 1986

The Story

Snipe decides it's time for Faceache to make his New Years resolution. No Scrunging in 1986. But the worry of Snipe saying this makes Faceache scrunge, he does apologise and is told that because it's still the old year he'll be let off. But woe betide him if he does it next year.

New Year's Day comes around and Snipe reminds Faceache of his resolution. Moments later Sniper is calling Faceache's name. He's being chased by a crazy dog and wants Faceache to scare it off. But Faceache reminds Snipe of the resolution. Snipe tells him to forget it, and Faceache scrunges into a monster to scare off the dog.

The strip ends with Snipe realising that he can't stop Faceache scrunging after that, or as Faceache says, not for another year, anyway!