Artist: Ken Reid
Type: Single Page
Printed in Issue: 27th July 1985

The Story

Faceache is sneaking into town, but trying to avoid getting caught. He nearly runs into Snipe, but does a Scrunge. Snipe doesn't recognise him, although the jumper looks familiar. Faceache makes it to the Cake Shop, and starts heading back. He gets it back, and hands it over to Cyril. But, later in the corridor, Snipe catches Faceache, saying that he followed him around town and saw he'd been to the cake shop.

Snipe wants to know why he snuck out, assuming it was for a midnight feast. But Faceache says it's a surprise for Snipe in the dining hall. Snipe heads down to the hall to find a birthday celebration for him.


The Cake Shop has a sign up saying All Occassions Catered For