Artist: Ken Reid
Type: Single Page
Printed in Issue: 20th July 1985

The Story

Faceache and Cyril are playing football outside when Faceache accidentally kicks the ball into Major McNasty's garden, breaking a window. Faceache does a scrunge to get the ball back, but Major McNasty already has the ball and threatens to report him to Snipe.

Later, Snipe gets the boys to line up, whilst Major McNasty asks them what their name is. He starts with Cyril, and greets him with a "pleased to meet you," before asking Faceache what his name is. On hearing the reply, the Major tells Snipe this was the boy that broke the window.

Faceache asks how he knew, as he'd done a scrunge, to which the major replies the ball has his name on the back!


Major McNasty has a sign with his name on the front gate.