Artist: Ken Reid
Type: Single Page
Printed in Issue: 29th June 1985

The Story

A new assistant has started at the joke shop and Faceache wants to play tricks on him. He performs a scrunge and Cyril has to ask for a mask to match that face. So Faceache performs his scrunge, they go into the shop, and as the assistant goes to look for it, Faceache changes his scrunge.

Cyril complains, that the assistant has bought out the wrong mask, so he goes back to find another. Faceache changes again, by which time the assitant is very confused and says he needs help.

Next Snipe appears from the stock room and orders the boys back to school, and they disappear quickly. But when they've gone we discover it isn't Snipe, but the Joke shop manager who made a Snipe mask to fool Faceache as he's always coming in playing tricks!


The shop is Austin Healey's Joke House - The King Of Jokers
A poster in the window boasts a wide range of party masks