Artist: Ken Reid
Type: Single Page
Printed in Issue: 20th September 1986

The Story

Snipe spots Faceache in a corridor and asks him to explain the chaos he caused at the fair yesterday. Faceache asks what chaos? So Snipe reminds him. At the hoopla stall Faceache was so determined to win that he put the hoop on the end of his nose and looped it over the prize.

At the darts stall, Faceache was told he'd need a good ryr for the game, and Faceache stretched his eye out of it's socket. The stallholder was so shocked he told him to take his prize and get off the stall.

And then there was the Strength Test whn Faceache Scrunged is own hammer and rung the bell. So shocked is the stallholder, he gives Faceache all the prizes. So Snipe asks for one good reason for doing what he did. Faceache explains he wanted to win the prizes for the school, to use in the fundraising bazaar.

Snipe decides that sounds "Fair" to him!


The prizes won on the strength test are a Clock, Hairdryer, Electric Blanket, Camera Kit and Football