The Best of The Rest

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Launched: 9th March 1974

Ended: 30th March 1985

Merged into: Whizzer & Chips

Annuals Released: 1975 - 1992

My resources: Annuals 1975, 1978, 1979, 1981 - 1983, 1985

The characters that made it to Buster: Toyboy and The Bumpkin Billionaires started here, and of course Sweeny Toddler and Creepy Comix passed by on their way from Shiver & Shake and Wow respectively to Whizzer & Chips then Buster.

The Best of the Rest:

With 11 years of comic history behind it, Whoopee understandably had many good strips. But no one strip took over as the star of the comic. However, there are some very good strips that passed through the pages:

Lolly Pop - Archie's Adventures started here, costing Pop more money
'Orrible Hole - Creating a Hole wherever it lands
Evil Eye - Turning anyone it can into a bad person....who normally ends up doing something good!
Bookworm - Whoopee's Resident Reader
Fun Fear - You'll be scared at this place, or your money back
Scared Stiff Sam - Petrified of anything and everything
Supermum - The Mum who can do anything with her super powers
Dads As Lads - The kids getting up to less mischief then their Dad's
Sheerluk & Son - The Crime Fighters who don't actually get it right through skill

The Award for Most Promising Strip:

Lolly Pop always gaurentees a good laugh, does Pop never work out that buying the small item is always cheaper then letting Archie make do? And top marks to the 'orrible hole who actually wasn't that horrible, unlike the Evil Eye. But the pick of the strips is Kid's Court. Don't you dare do something wrong to kids, else the court will be upon you in no time. Kid Court Rules - I daren't say otherwise!

The Award for the Most Disappointing Strip:

The Spectacular Adventures of Willie Bunk. A kid has glasses that allow him to see a different scenario to get the current one right. For instance, a castle seige whilst Willie is playing football - and he scores the winning goal! A good idea, but far too complicated for my liking....and the glasses made him look a little stupid too.

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