The Mergers: Radio Fun

Radio Fun Issue 1, October 1938

Radio Fun Launched on the 15th October 1938, as a weekly publication featuring radio and film stars stars in comic strip form.

Wonder from October 1947

In 1953, Radio Fun took over The Wonder, which had been running since 1942.

In June 1959, Radio Fun became Radio Fun and Adventures, mainly because many of the Radio strips had now disappeared from the pages.

Radio Fun from October 1947

The Big Names from Radio Fun included Flanagan and Allen, Benny Hill, Petula Clark and Charlie Drake.

Radio Fun Final Issue, February 1961

Radio Fun merged with Buster on the 25th February 1961 and became the first title to do so.

Buster and Radio Fun May 1961

The strips that jumped from Radio Fun into Buster include Whacko, Superman, Andy & Sandy, Charlie Drake and Wagon Train

Meet The Best of the Rest From Radio Fun

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