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Launched: 14th June 1975

Ended: 30th October 1976

Merged into: Buster

Annuals Released: 1977 - 1985

My resources: The Comics UK Write Up and Buster & Monster Fun Holiday Special 1995

The characters that made it to Buster: Gums, Terror TV, Mummy's Boy, Draculass, X Ray Specs, Kid Kong, Martha's Monster Makeup, and Teddy Scare. Save Our Stan initially appeared here, before being reprinted in Buster in the last 80s.

The Best of the Rest:

Edited by Frankie Stein, the star of Monster Fun was, without a doubt Kid Kong. But, this is the best of the rest, so who were the other stars of Monster Fun?

Freaky Farm - There's nothing lovely about the animals here, yet the farmer doesn't seem to see the problem with his animals...
Brainy & His Monster Maker - A machine that can "monsterise" anything, people or objects, and by monsterise we also been in size as well as features.
The Little Monsters - causing choas wherever they go, worse then all the toddlers in the world put together
Creature Teacher - Somehow the kids weren't scared of this monster teacher from Massacre Street School
Major Jump Horror Hunter - On the hunt for the worlds scariest monsters
Dough Nut & Rusty - Two robots - one state of the art, one a little worse for wear but the latter always came out on top

The Award for Most Promising Strip:

Aside from all of the lucky strips to arrive in Buster in November 76, there were other good strips left behind. I've only got one Major Jump, Horror Hunter Strip, but it is very funny, when the Major goes hunting for the fearsome Beezle Conk, who is actually pretty harmless until he reads his description in the Monster Book. Brainy & His Monster Maker were quite imaginative, but possibly the best strip from Monster Fun were the Little Monsters. The strip invariably ended with a half page picture showing chaos - those Little Monsters lived up to their name!

The Award for the Most Disappointing Strip:

With the limited material available from this comic, it is hard to choose. But Creature Teature disappoints in my opinion. From the bits I've read it doesn't sell itself well. A Monster in charge of a class, but the kids play up so badly....surely this Monster would have had something gruesome it could do. But then again, I've only seen a handful of strips - it could well be one that grows on you.

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