The Best of The Rest

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Launched: 16th October 1976

Ended: 15th April 1978

Merged into: Whizzer & Chips

Annuals Released: 1978 - 1985

My resources: Just the one 1980 Annual

The characters that made it to Buster: Hit Kid, Birdman & Chicken, Handy Andy and Scaredy Cat were all reprinted in Buster.

The Best of the Rest:

The stars of Krazy were the Krazy gang. They were Ed, Liz, Sporty, Brainy and Cheeky (who had his own spin-off comic) along with Blue the parrot and Freaky the strange spaceship thing. They actually showed enough promise to become Chipites on the merger with Whizzer & Chips. The gang got up to all sorts be it solving mysteries, or just killing time, but it was always funny, and it probably explains why they were successful on their transfer. Aside from The Krazy Gang, the other big Krazy names were:

Paws - The dog who got up to a lot of mischief
Buytonic Boy - Later know as Super Steve he also made the transfer to W&C
No. 13 Jinx Street - the unluckiest house in the street
Micky Mimic - The boy who can impersonate anyone thanks to his impression kit
Ray Presto - the Wannabe Magician

The Award for Most Promising Strip:

Well The Krazy Gang make it in at three, whilst Buytonic Boy (or Super Steve as I know him) earns a respectable second. As for the winner, it has to be Hit Kid - I've been a fan of this strip for years, so watch it "Blue Eyes" he'll be around "Anytime, any place, any one!"

The Award for the Most Disappointing Strip:

Tim'll Fix It has already been mentioned in Cheeky, I found that strip pretty bad. However the Krazy award goes to Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad, Wolf. It's that scene from Red Riding Hood where the wolf knocks on Granny's door wanting to eat to her. In this version Wolf has various disguises and tries different ones to get in. But he never makes it, Granny opens the door and something always happens to stop wolf eating her.

I didn't get it. Perhaps I'm getting too logical in my old age, but in one strip a procession of horse and carts trundle out of the small cottage door at speed, and in another a huge burst of wind does the same. How? Good question. I know the purpose of comics is to push the boundaries of reality but for some reason this was just too implausible. Apologies to the artist and writer who put their heart and soul into this strip.

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