Crazy Maisie

Launched: 22nd May 1982

Ended: 4th January 2000

Comic Launched in: Buster

Other Comics: None

Artwork: J Edward Oliver

JEO, the comic legend behind Champ, Mastermind and Cliff Hanger allowed Crazy Maisie to take over the regular comic pages sporadically. Her first appearence was in Mastermind back in 1982 with a crazy quiz.

In the mid - 90s she began invading our pages again, this time getting in the way of Cliff Hanger. Soon she became a regular. Buster were repeating the old Cliff Hanger strips, and, chances are, it was a way of getting out of it, without dropping the strip. Then it happened. Buster 117/99 23rd June - 6th July.....Crazy Maisie got her own strip!!!

It wasn't exactly eventful, but filled with puns in every frame, and featuring a guest appearance by Vid Kid. She did return in the following edition, admitting that having her own strip wasn't as easy as she expected. Her third full strip, billed as her last (Buster's Shortest ever-series, saw a take off from South Park, called South Pork. That strip also saw a conclusion to Cliff Hanger, and the very last B-mail ever. She appeared in that B-mail announcing it was her last time in Buster and that she was turning over a new leaf and getting a new name. Wacky Jackie.

Hence why, when she appeared on the back page of the final Buster, she was billed as Wacky Jackie.

Maisie was the branchild of JEO, and chances are it was one of the last strips that new material was piled in to. By the time she got her own strip, Buster knew they were going, and were just having fun on their way out.

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