The Best of The Rest

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Launched: 22nd October 1977

Ended: 2nd February 1980

Merged into: Whoopee

Annuals Released: 1979 - 1985

My resources: Unfortunately, just two Annuals at the moment 1979 & 1980

The characters that made it to Buster: None, however Bam, Splat and Blooie and Cocky Doodle were reprinted in the 1979 Annual and were, of course, in Buster back in 1960.

The Best of the Rest:

Without a doubt the star of Cheeky was indeed Cheeky, a member of the Krazy gang from Krazy, Cheeky found fame in his own comic. Looking at the Cheeky annuals of 1979 & 1980, he had a whole host of characters to tell jokes with such as Constable Chuckle, Jogging Jeremy, Posh Claude and of course the gorgeous Lilly Pop the schools crossing lady!!! Hubba hubba! Aside from the star, other big Cheeky names include

Calculator Kid - the boy whose Calculator can work out how Charlie (his owner) can get out of any situation
Mustapha Million - the young Millionaire who continued through to Whizzer & Chips with his tales of money
6 Million Dollar Gran - The strongest OAP you're ever likely to meet
Disaster Des - Causing Catastrophe's wherever he goes
Why Dad Why - The little boy who won't stop asking questions
And Ringer Dinger - The story of Ringer who could dial anything or anyone up on his phone, but it normally went wrong.

It's worth bearing in mind that looking at the Annuals Cheeky & Krazy shared a few characters such us Tim'll Fix It, Duck Turpin, and Cheeky!

The Award for Most Promising Strip:

Spin off spy James Bold comes 3rd, for a well thought out adventure, whilst Calculator Kid makes 2nd just for the pure absurdity of a Calculator being able to work out the future. But the winner has to be Cheeky. There are so many characters involved in this strip that don't necessarily appear all the time. This gives it a great chance to be funny but not repetitive. And, of course, Cheeky gave us the Spin Off strips featuring, Snail and The Girls. Top marks to the team involved in that!

The Award for the Most Disappointing Strip:

Tim'll Fix It. Very often just 3/4 pictures of something broken and then being immediately fixed and always being wrong.

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