Fleetway's answer to Big Comic Fortnightly, The Best of Buster, Whoopee, Whizzer & Chips. All of those titles had folded, but they were rerived in this short lived spin off.

BVC launched in April 1995 and ended in November 1995 literally without warning. I remember my Dad having a meeting with Mr Gee our local newsagent about why they'd stopped saving BVC, and he said it had just finished.

It was another Best of comic, but the emphasis was now on Best of Fleetway as opposed to one comic in particular. Again most of the strips came from the late 70s and 80s, with very few strips from way way back.

BVC was the first of the Best Of... comics to feature a letters page. In the early editions the prize was a mystery. However by Issue number 7 in May 1995, they were giving away a Super Soaker 10, with a Super Soaker XP75 for the star letter each month.

Thanks to Paul Winsall for the scans on this page.

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