Buster's Film Fun Factfile

Launched: 1994 Annual

Comic Launched In: Buster

Other Comics: None

Appearing only in the 1994 annual, it formed the Buster strip for that year. Each of the 3 strips, Buster's Last Stand, All Alone at Home and Ghost Buster, were sideways spin offs at a film. Buster's Last Stand, admittedly I didn't quite follow, but ended with Buster STANDing his LAST round (geddit?).

All Alone at Home, not suprisingly was a twist on Home Alone. Someone was trying to break into Buster's house whilst his parents were out. He did his best to defend the place, but on discovering it was only his parents who were locked out, he wished he hadn't bothered. My only problem with this strip is that Buster's Dad is Andy Capp (as we know) but the bloke breaking in with his Mum isn't anything like Andy!

Ghostbuster isn't actually a spoof on Ghostbusters. It's actually a bit like Scrooge. A ghost of Buster comes to warn Buster to change his ways, else Brenda Bagg will go on a diet, Kate will marry Jelly and get rid of his shakes, and Mr Crabbe becomes nice to children. What's wrong with that, I hear you ask? Well, Delbert takes over Buster as no one likes him anymore!

Put together by the fantastic Terry Bave it was a good idea, though slightly disorientating for someone who followed the comic.

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