Brainsley/ Mainly Brainsly

Launched: 17th June 1989

Ended: 30th September 1994

Comic Launched In: Buster

Other Comics: None

Artwork: Mark Bennington

One of the spin offs from the Buster strip. Brainsly was the really clever friend of Buster. He appeared regularly in Buster's final incarnation, with the artwork done by Mark Bennington (the man behind most of the centre page spreads!)

The Brainsly strips were repeated towards the end of Buster's run, along with the strips of Jelly, Brenda & Dozy Derek. The general premise of the storylines saw Brainsly inventing a machine or something and then it all going badly wrong. At the time, Brainsly didn't have anyone to bounce off, which no doubt spawned the Mainly Brainsly strip which saw Delbert (another of Buster's Friends) crop up as the second character in Brainsly's strip. This worked better, but personally I don't think this was the best use of Buster's friends.

Brainsly had limited potential, how many wacky inventions could be created before the format grew tired. Despite having the second longest run first time around, it was one of the lesser repeated strips of Buster's friends. The character was much better used in the title strips, but still Mark Bennington put his best into it, and gave us some good stories whilst he could.

Brainsly at his best in the Buster Strips

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