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Issue Number/Date: 10th April 1993
Free Gift: Z Design Stickers
Inserts: None
Price: 55p

Strips At A Glance

Front Page) Buster
Pg 1) Buster cont.
Pg 2) Melvyn's Mirror
Pg 3) Double Trouble
Pg 4) Advert for Next Week's Buster
Pg 5) Sid's Snake & Advert for The Simpon's Video
Pg 6) Easter with Tom Thug
Pg 7) Captain Can Competition
Pg 8) Cliff Hanger
Pg 9) School Belle
Pg 10) Creepy Comix
Pg 11) Brain Busters & Buster's Pin-Board
Pg 12) Dear Buster
Pg 13) Advert for Peter Pan Videos
Pg 14) Ricky Rainbow
Pg 15) Stupid Street
Pg 16) Stupid Street cont.
Pg 17) Sweet Tooth
Pg 18) Phil Fitt
Pg 19) X Ray Specs
Pg 20) X Ray Specs cont. & Z Design Stickers Competition
Pg 21) Bobby's Ghoul
Pg 22) Chalky
Pg 23) Junior Rotter
Pg 24) Junior Rotter cont.
Pg 25) Vid Kid
Pg 26) Advert for Whoopee, Roy of the Rovers & Thunderbirds Holiday Specials
Pg 27) Store Wars
Pg 28) Store Wars cont.
Pg 29) The Winners
Pg 30) The Figments of Phil's Imagination
Back Pg) Imagine

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